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Northern Sea Otter

Northern Sea OtterManga.jpg

Friend Data
First Appearance: Chapter 16, Page 4
Featured in Chapters: Chapter 16
Occupation: Unknown
Northern Sea Otter Manga Festival Nexon Game

Northern Sea Otter makes a brief appearance during a single chapter of the manga, set at the beach.


The Northern Sea Otter who appears in the manga has an odd fixation with collecting treasure, claiming to be a "Treasure King" in the likeness of Lupin the Third. She loves collecting things, especially cute things.

Role in the Plot

When Ezo Red Fox, Serval and Reindeer are swimming at the beach, Serval is pulled underwater by Northern Sea Otter. After surfacing with Serval in her arms, the otter proclaims that she'll be taking her because she is the "Treasure King". Ezo Red Fox objects, saying that what she's doing is tantamount to kidnapping, which saddens the would-be master thief. Northern Sea Otter explains that she simply likes to collect cute things, releasing Serval.

Afterwards, she returns to shore and accosts the beachgoing Friends once again, declaring that she is going to take their swimsuits. Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey asks her if she is dumb in the head, before chewing her out and forcing the otter to reevaluate her definition of a "Treasure King". The monkey lectures her, saying that a true king wouldn't go around stealing things, and that to do so would make her no less than a lowly bandit. Serval asks the "Treasure King" why she wants to steal swimsuits anyway, to which she replies that because her fur is all black, she just wanted to try wearing new cute clothes. Ezo Red Fox then suggests that she paint her body instead, leading the discouraged otter to declare "I don't wanna be a Treasure King any more!"

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