North American Beaver/Season 2

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North American Beaver
North American BeaverS2.jpg
KF S2 American Beaver (Manga).png
Friend Data
Voice Shino Shimoji
Debut Episode 3 (Anime), Chapter 1 (Manga)
Home Area ?
Distribution ?
Associates Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
Promo No
North American Beaver Anime Season 2 Festival Pavilion KF3 Kingdom Nexon Game Gallery

North American Beaver is a Friend that makes a cameo appearance in the second season of the Kemono Friends anime as well background Friends in manga version of Season 2 Anime.



North American Beaver seems to retain the same personality as her counterpart of the season 1 of the anime. She still loves planning and building new projects and she tries to be as diligent as possible with any new works she accepts.


Background character.

Role in the Plot


Episode 3: Creatures of the Sea

North American Beaver makes an appearance during the post-credits sketch of the second episode. In this sketch, she stands next to Black-Tailed Prairie Dog inside Suri Alpaca's café and they both listen to Suri Alpaca's request of fixing a wobbly table. North American Beaver happily says that they should start by making a work area, at which Suri Alpaca responds that she only wants them to fix the table. North American Beaver replies by saying that she can't cut corners on a new work she just accepted and goes along with Black-Tailed Prairie Dog's proposal of rebuilding the entire café to get more space, quickly pulls out a model of the building and starts to walk around. Afterwards, they all introduce the title of the next episode.


Chapter 1

She can be seen getting swept away by river current in savannah area.


Black-Tailed Prairie Dog

She has the same impulsive, fast-working approach that complements North American Beaver's careful and calculating planning as they did in Season 1.


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