Natsumi Hinata

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Natsumi Hinata

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Character Data
Romaji Hinata Natsumi
Debut Kemono Friends 3
Collaboration Data
Classification Character
Species Human
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Conservation Uma label.png
Natsumi Hinata KF3 Gallery

Natsumi Hinata is a collab character from the Keroro Gunsou franchise. Her design in Kemono Friends 3 is based on her appearance in Keroro Flash.


Natsumi has red twin tail hair.

Series Appearances

Appearances In Kemono Friends Media
Media Role
2019Kemono Friends 3 Collab character

In the Source Material

Natsumi Hinata is one of human protagonist in Keroro Gunsou and the older sister of Fuyuki Hinata. Born in 2 December, her zodiac is Sagittarius. Belongs to Class 2A of Kissho Academy Junior High School. Height: 158cm, Weight: 48kg. Natsumi has good athletic skill and having good grades at her school, she is very popular in her class. She love sports and listen to 623 (Mutsumi)'s radio show.

Natsumi personality is shown to be very short tempered, violent, aggressive, selfish, and often seen physically abusing or pin blame to Keroro for everything. Natsumi always calling Keroro as bokegaeru (ボケガエル stupid frog) however it later become affection nickname for Keroro and Keroro himself won't let anyone calling him stupid frog other than Natsumi. Despite how physically strong Natsumi is, she is also shown to be the one who quickly give up and fell into despair as seen during Garuru Platoon invasion arc.

Natsumi received her power suit from Kururu which let her transform into Powered Natsumi dubbed as Pekopon's final line of defense. The suit is equipped with twin beam saber located on her ribbons, shield, and energy wings which let her fly.

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