Masked Booby

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Masked Booby

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Character Data
Japanese Name: アオツラカツオドリ
Romanised Name: Aotsura Katsuodori
First Featured in: Kemono Friends Pavilion
Animal Data
Scientific Name: Sula dactylatra
Distribution: Worldwide
Diet: Piscivore
Average Lifespan in the Wild: 15-20 Years
Read More: Masked booby
Conservation Status: Status iucn3.1 LC.svg.png
Masked Booby Pavilion

“I’m a booby… Masked Booby… … I have heard… someone… with this similar figure as mine… said something… like that…”
Masked Booby's introduction

Masked Booby is a type of avian Friend announced during the press release following the conclusion of the Kemono Friends anime.


Masked Booby's hair is styled in a bowlcut which is deceptively similar in appearance to a hood. Her bangs are colored blue-gray, save for a long lock of golden hair which falls between her eyes, representing a beak. White wings with black tips protrude from either side of her head, matching the plumage of her tail. Her eyes, like the strands of hair that form her "beak", are gold.

She wears a white sweater over top of a collared shirt and tie, both of which also being white in coloration. Her tattered miniskirt would also be all-white, were it not for its black tips which match the plumage of her wings and tail. The booby wears white shorts under her skirt, and underneath them, sky blue leggings. A pair of gray-blue Mary Janes complete her well-covered outfit.

In Real Life

The Masked Booby (Sula Dactylatra) is the largest of the Galapagos Booby birds and can grow to 30 to 35 inches (76 to 89 centimetres) in length with a wingspan of 5 to 6 feet (1.5 to 1.8 metres). Adult birds are easily identified with their beautiful white head, body and wing coverts, dark tails, masks, and patches on their backs.

Young masked boobies with their grey legs and feet. Sometimes their dark head and bellies can be mistaken for the Brown Booby and the Nazca Booby.

The Masked Booby plunges head first into the ocean to catch flying fish and squid. It can dive from distances of over 90 feet.

The Masked Booby is silent at sea, but has a reedy whistling greeting call at the nesting colonies. While on the breeding grounds, these birds display a wide range of hissing and quacking notes.

Masked Boobies are common in the tropics and subtropics nesting in colonies along cliffs or at the sea edge. These are the only Boobies in the Galapagos to have an annual breeding cycle, though the cycle varies between islands. On Tower Island most of the eggs are laid between August and November while on Hood Island (Espanola) the eggs are laid from November to February.

The Masked Booby makes its nest in a shallow depression on the ground. It nests in large colonies. The female usually lays one to two eggs. Both parents incubate the eggs. They use their webbed feet to warm the eggs. The eggs hatch in about 43 days. If there are two eggs, the first may hatch up to nine days before the second egg.

Masked Booby chicks fledge when they are a little over three months old. They will continue to be cared for by their parents for another one or two months. Males will mate with only one female.

The Masked Booby lives on the open ocean. It only comes on land to breed and raise its young.

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