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Friend Data
First Appearance: Chapter 8
Featured in Chapter(s): 8, 13
Occupation: Shop Owner, Student (in Mirai's dream)
Associated Characters: African Wild Dog
Margay Anime Season 2 Manga Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Gallery

Margay is a minor Friend that first appears in Chapter 8, running what seems to be a sweets shop alongside African Wild Dog.


Margay is defined by her very observant eye for couples in love. While Margay is shown to be capable of running her cake shop well, she uses the shop's theme to her advantage to seek out lovers around the park. She shows difficulty with respecting the personal boundaries of couples, demanding that said lovers display proof of their passion to her. Despite this, she can also be thoughtful and responsible, as she takes it into her own hands when Nana falls ill in her shop, making sure that she receives the proper care until she recovers, and even helping to calm Ezo Red Fox's nerves during the event.

Given her specific interest in girls couples during her free cake promotion, it is likely that Margay has an interest in girls love. This is supported by her actions in Mirai's dream sequence.

Role in the Plot

Chapter 8

Margay is implied to be the owner of the Japari Cake sweets shop, having set up a promotion to give free Christmas cake to all sweethearts who visit the store. She is also implied to be the baker, due to the apron she wears over her usual dress in the full-page art at the beginning of the chapter. Margay is first seen after being called out by African Wild Dog to alert her of a couple coming in for their free cake promotion: Ezo Red Fox, who just wants the cake, and Nana, who is trying her best to make sure Ezo Red Fox doesn't get into more trouble. Upon seeing them, Margay's first impression of the two seems to be positive, believing the contrast between Ezo Red Fox's energetic and slightly rude personality and Nana's own hesitation to follow through with her plans to be a good dynamic.

She welcomes the couple to any cake of their choosing, but must prove to her first that they're real lovers. While Nana is confused and suspicious, attempting to inform Margay that the two are not a couple, Ezo Red Fox decides to act out a very cliche, almost forceful confession of love to her, which disappoints Margay. Shortly after, however, Nana passes out. Margay informs Ezo Red Fox that Nana is sick, and immediately arranges for a resting bed for her to recover. She calms down a panicking Ezo Red Fox, who is overreacting to the illness, informing her that she merely has a fever and that she will call an ambulance if one is needed. After that, she goes out to get her something to drink.

Upon returning with water, she finds that Ezo Red Fox is sleeping in the bed next to Nana. Ezo Red Fox's dedication and worry impresses Margay immensely, and she declares them to be the best girls couple she's ever seen.

When the two wake up, Margay and African Wild Dog give them a very elaborate cake as their reward, greeting them with a Merry Christmas.

Just before the two leave, Margay notes that she's so impressed with the couple that it gave her new writing ideas.

Chapter 13

Margay makes a brief appearance in Mirai's high school dream sequence, spying on Ezo Red Fox and Nana, who are rehearsing for a play. She seemingly retains her interest in girls love in this dream, expressing annoyance when the duo's actions do not line up with her fantasy.


African Wild Dog

African Wild Dog works in Margay's sweets shop, and appears to run the counter.

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