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Malayan Tapir

Malayan TapirStage Play.png

Friend Data
Actress: Hinata Koizumi
Associated Characters: Maned Wolf, Koala, Okinawa Rail, and Eurasian Beaver
Malayan Tapir Anime Pavilion KF3​ (V2)​ Nexon Game Stage Play

Malayan Tapir appears as an extra in the Stage Play "Kemono Friends".


Tapir only briefly appears outside of musical numbers, and as a result her personality is largely a mystery. However, she is seen to be the most aloof of the extras, given that she is seen idly staring off into space after marveling at her PPP ticket. Additionally, when the group is walking towards Black Leopard to present their tickets, Tapir is dragged along by her hand by Koala, and stumbles while attempting to keep up. This, combined with the fact she is the only one to have a surprised reaction upon seeing the other members of the group, implies that she is a timid or nervous Friend.

Role in the Plot

Malayan Tapir first appears in the waterfront area, where she, Maned Wolf, and Koala have gathered together to watch a live show by PPP. Later, she appears as a dancer during the Mammoth's Song and Japari Museum numbers, and appears alongside the rest of the cast in the final performance of Welcome to Japari Park.

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