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Friend Data
Voice 白沢由梨 Yuri Shirasawa
Game Data
Attribute Friendly Friendly
Implemented January 14, 2022
ID # 394
WR5 ?
Rainbow Trait ?
Party Dress ?
Makami KF3 Gallery
For voice lines, see Makami/KF3/Voice.

Makami is a Friend that appears in Kemono Friends 3.


Makami, like other Guardian Friends, is both powerful and protective. Although she can be serious and commanding, speaking with a powerful tone, she also has a more casual side. If celliens are causing problems for Friends, she won't hesitate to step in and won't stop until they're defeated. She wields ofuda (talismans) which command her powers when fighting celliens and which can also be used as sources of light. She enjoys making red bean rice onigiri. Somewhat unusual, though not unheard of in Kemono Friends, is that Makami possesses a smartphone.


Japanese English
わたしはマカミ この地を荒そうとする者は

我が白狼牙の閃光を受けるがいい …もしかしてあなた、道に迷っているの?


Role in the Plot

Makami's Friend Story

While hidden, Makami senses the presence of another Friend nearby in the alpine forest which puts her on edge. She calls out to them to halt, upon which they reveal themselves to be Japanese Wolf. She apologizes to Makami that she means no harm to the forest and that she was only chasing butterflies before she got lost and night came. Makami shifts into a positive mood once the misunderstanding has been cleared up, taking Japanese Wolf into her protection and reassuring her she'll be safe from celliens with her around. Japanese Wolf feels a sense of familiarity with Makami even though she's never met her, but keeps this to herself and asks her what Friend she is. Amazed, Japanese Wolf tells her that she knew of her, but never expected to actually meet her, and that she'd been talking to Gray Wolf about how cool it would be to find Makami. Before she can introduce herself, Makami has already identified her as Japanese Wolf, surprising her, and she states that this is because she's so similar to herself.

Reassuring her that she knows the forest like the back of her hand, Makami offers to lead Japanese Wolf to safety. On their way, Japanese Wolf mentions struggling with seeing in the dark of night, trees, and cloud cover, causing Makami to apologize because she hadn't felt it herself. Using one of her Flash of White Wolf Fang ofuda (talismans), she illuminates their path, explaining that they're useful both in combat and for light. Japanese Wolf thanks her before they continue on their way, and when Makami declares they've arrived, Japanese Wolf prematurely celebrates before realizing they're still in the forest. Makami laughs at the look on Japanese Wolf's face before explaining she's taking her to Makami's resting place nearby since it's safer than wandering at night. Makami's mentioning of beds excites Japanese Wolf and causes her to feel sleepy immediately. Realizing that she and Japanese Wolf are quite similar, she concludes that it must be because they both originated from the same kind of wolf. She feels as if Japanese Wolf is like a little sister to her before she falls asleep herself.

After they awake, Makami reminds Japanese Wolf why they're in the forest before she continues leading the two on their way. When they come across a familiar path, she leaves Japanese Wolf to return by herself, but warns her to not let herself get carried away chasing butterflies anymore because she might not run into Makami next time. As Makami goes to leave, Japanese Wolf feels disappointed but struggles to find the words to tell her she wants to spend more time with her. Finding this agreeable, Makami decides to spend more time with her. Japanese Wolf requests they go somewhere with nice fruit trees and a relaxing space to talk. Following a different path, Makami brings the two to a place she often visits to see other Friends and eat good fruits, but promises Japanese Wolf she'll enjoy the company of any Friends who may be there at that time. Thinking it over, Japanese Wolf says the place Makami described sounds like Park Central, but in the forest.

The two arrive at a shrine, which Japanese Wolf finds to be a bit ordinary compared to her expectations. Makami explains that there's always nice offerings of food at the shrine and that it's a quiet place that's good for relaxing and talking. She tells Japanese Wolf to wait a moment and walks over to the shrine where Oinari-sama is. She asks her if she's alone, to which Oinari-sama answers she is because Goshingyu-sama just left after sleeping at the shrine. Makami wishes she could have spoken with Goshingyu-sama. Oinari-sama notices that Japanese Wolf came to the shrine with Makami, to which she replies she wanted to introduce her to Oinari-sama. She calls Japanese Wolf over, surprising her when Makami introduces her as another Guardian Friend.

The two tease Japanese Wolf, but Oinari-sama tells her not to worry about their reputation as Guardian Friends and that she just wants to get to know Japanese Wolf like she would any other Friend. The two want to know Japanese Wolf's habits, her favorite friends and things to do, and dreams she has. She tells a story about her and Gray Wolf being surprised and how funny it was, and invites Makami to play with them sometime. Oinari-sama gifts Japanese Wolf apples she picked at the shrine, and Makami offers her ripe bananas. While Japanese Wolf eats a banana, Makami enjoys watching and wonders if other Friends are as fun as Japanese Wolf is. She asks the other two if they should invite Friends for a banquet, to which they both love the idea. Oinari-sama decides to invite fox Friends, while Japanese Wolf invites wolf Friends.

When Japanese Wolf asks what the banquet will be like, Makami wants to have good food and decorate the shrine beautifully so that they'll all remember it forever. Oinari-sama says she'll make her inari sushi, and Japanese Wolf decides to take on the decorating responsibility. Makami is pleased that everyone agreed to her idea and is already assuming roles in preparing for it, and she wants to do her own part to make everyone at the banquet happy. Suddenly, they're interrupted by Silver Fox and Red Fox who appear distressed and ask for help.

Oinari-sama asks the foxes what's the matter, with Silver Fox saying they were looking for her because of a rampaging cellien they failed to defeat. Japanese Wolf realizes the cellien is headed their way and says everyone needs to work together to defeat it to protect the shrine. Despite this, Oinari-sama remains calm, confusing Japanese Wolf, while the foxes admire her for staying cool in a serious situation. She explains that there's nothing to worry about as long as Makami is around. Using another one of her White Wolf Fang Flash ofuda, she attacks the cellien, but it wasn't enough to defeat it as she thought. While she continues the fight, Japanese Wolf notices that she's using the same ofuda that lit up their path in the forest when she was lost and notices how Makami seems to be enjoying herself while fighting just like when she was helping Japanese Wolf when she was lost. Oinari-sama explains to Japanese Wolf how seriously Makami takes her role as a Guardian to protect others and ensure no cellien survives. With one last ofuda, she defeats the cellien, and the foxes are impressed she was capable of taking it down all by herself. Japanese Wolf, in awe, thinks to herself that she wants to be powerful like Makami.

The foxes gush to Makami about how immensely powerful she is just like Oinari-sama, and she thinks it's so cute she wishes she could have recorded them speaking on her smartphone. The two ask if there's any way to repay her for the help, but Makami tells them there's no need to repay her because she helps others selflessly. Oinari-sama encourages Makami to take advantage of their willingness to help and have them join the banquet. The foxes gladly agree and ask what the banquet will be like. Makami explains that so far, they only have Japanese Wolf's shrine decorations and Oinari-sama's inari sushi, which causes the foxes to run off to retrieve something to bring to the banquet, and Japanese Wolf also leaves to get decorations.

Makami and Oinari-sama converse about how quickly and enthusiastically the foxes and wolf are preparing for the banquet. Oinari-sama suggests it's not only because they're excited for the banquet, but also because they're grateful that she saved them from dangerous situations, even though Makami didn't expect anything in return for helping them. Makami proclaims how happy she is to have helped the others and that it made them so loyal to her. She leaves after saying she's looking forward to the inari sushi. Wandering in the forest, she wonders what she'll prepare for the banquet that the other Friends aren't already doing.

Everyone already having finished decorating, Makami returns to the shrine while the foxes and wolf are away gathering water from the river. She comments on how amazing the group of three are while she goes around interacting with some of the decorations, confusing Oinari-sama, but Makami assures her to wait until later. The three return with water, and Makami thanks Japanese Wolf for her decorating work. Having everything needed for the banquet, everyone gets ready to begin. The foxes pass out fruit juice, and Oinari-sama asks Makami to make a speech. She thanks everyone for making the banquet possible and hopes that they'll all remember it well before she calls for everyone to make a toast.

Everyone, excited to see what Makami prepared, gather around to see her show off her ofuda. Surprising everyone, she gifts each of them an ofuda blessed with her power as good luck charms so they won't get lost. Makami and Oinari-sama are about to show off another thing Makami prepared when suddenly, they hear rustling sounds nearby. The foxes and wolf fear for celliens attacking, but the Guardians are calm. Makami calls out to the rustling sound and tells them to come out of hiding. Domestic Dog (Mixed-Breed), Domestic Dog (Shiba Inu) and Siberian Husky step forth from the bushes, thinking they were too well-hidden. Makami asks how the dogs got there, and they explain they followed the good smells from far away until they reached the shrine. Makami invites the dogs to join the banquet. The foxes are excited to have the dogs join the banquet. Even though it was on short-notice, Makami was glad so many Friends were able to come to the banquet in the end. Oinari-sama says that the change of pace from the peaceful atmosphere of the shrine is nice. Makami says they'll have to have further banquets and invite even more new Friends.

Oinari-sama asks Makami to perform the other thing she prepared for everyone. Suddenly, the shrine decorations start glowing from Makami's ofuda she placed with them, with her saying she hopes everyone can have a bright future. She declares to everyone the party is far from over, and to enjoy it to its fullest until the end.


Japanese Wolf

Japanese Wolf knew about Makami even before they met, wanting to meet her someday. Makami helps guide Japanese Wolf when she gets lost and protects her. Before they part ways when they returned to a familiar path, Japanese Wolf convinces Makami the two should spend more time together. When she asks to go to a relaxing place with fruit, Makami brings Japanese Wolf to the shrine she often visits. When Makami suggests they host a banquet, Japanese Wolf eagerly volunteers to decorate the shrine for the banquet to pay Makami back for helping her when she was lost. When Makami defeats the rampaging cellien to protect everyone and the shrine, Japanese Wolf marvels at her strength and wishes she could be powerful like Makami. Japanese Wolf is also amazed by Makami's ofuda when they light up the decorations.

In general, the two become close Friends after the events of Makami's Friend story.


Friend Stats
Base Max Stat Base Max
Status 6209 56592 Stamina 2362 21520
Attack 1071 9768 Defense 553 5036
Evasion 0.0% 1.0% Plasm 50
Action! Multiplier +0% +5.0% Try!! Multiplier +0% +5.0%
Beat!!! Multiplier +0% +6.0% Miracle+ Flag Img ordercard plus r.png
Order Flags
KF3Beat.png KF3Beat.png Action20.png Action30.png TryLow.png
Kemono Miracle 白狼牙の閃光

Requires 110 MP. Deal 153%x3 damage to one enemy. If the target is Relaxed Relaxed, deal an extra 33%x3 total damage with a high chance to inflict KF3 Gloom.png Gloom for 2 turns.

Requires 110 MP. Deal 168%x3 damage to one enemy. If the target is Relaxed Relaxed, deal an extra 36%x3 total damage with a high chance to inflict KF3 Gloom.png Gloom for 2 turns.

Requires 110 MP. Deal 184%x3 damage to one enemy. If the target is Relaxed Relaxed, deal an extra 40%x3 total damage with a high chance to inflict KF3 Gloom.png Gloom for 2 turns.

Requires 110 MP. Deal 199%x3 damage to one enemy. If the target is Relaxed Relaxed, deal an extra 43%x3 total damage with a high chance to inflict KF3 Gloom.png Gloom for 2 turns.

Requires 110 MP. Deal 214%x3 damage to one enemy. If the target is Relaxed Relaxed, deal an extra 46%x3 total damage with a high chance to inflict KF3 Gloom.png Gloom for 2 turns.

Requires 110 MP. Deal 230%x3 damage to one enemy. If the target is Relaxed Relaxed, deal an extra 50%x3 total damage with a high chance to inflict KF3 Gloom.png Gloom for 2 turns.

Beat!!! Ability 導きの光弾
Deal 118% damage to one enemy. High chance to gain +5% damage for 4 turns.
Standby Skill 大切な思い出
+10% damage for 2 turns, gain 30 MP.

Chance: Guaranteed Charges: 2

Unique Trait ひがごと、ゆめゆめ許さず
+15% Beat!!! damage. Start battles with 20 MP. High KF3 Overheat.png Overheat and KF3 Amnesia.png Amnesia resistance.
Miracle Trait 心優しき案内役
+15% damage. High KF3 Discord.png Discord resistance for Friendly Friendly teammates. +10% damage taken by Relaxed Relaxed enemies.
Rainbow Trait N/A
Not implemented yet.


Profile Character Icons

我が白狼牙の閃光をその目に刻んで、去ねばいいと思う。 あなた、道に迷ってるの? そう……。 じゃ、白狼牙の閃光で道を照してあげる。便利でしょ? いにしえの力もスマホに負けないと思うんだけど……。どう思う?」

Icon chara 0394.png Icon chara 0394 02.png Icon chara 0394 03.png Icon chara 0394 04.png
Name Costume How to Obtain Name Costume How to Obtain
Default Icon dressup 73940.png Default Tracksuit Icon dressup 73941.png Default
Park Staff Icon dressup 73942.png Default Café Uniform Icon dressup 73943.png Upgrade to 5 Stars
Personal Fashion Icon dressup 73944.png Upgrade to 6 Stars

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