Long-Tailed Tit

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Long-Tailed Tit

Long-Tailed TitOriginal.png

Character Data
Also known as: long-tailed bushtit
Japanese Name: エナガ
Romanised Name: Enaga
First Featured in: Not Featured Yet
Animal Data
Scientific Name: Aegithalos caudatus
Distribution: Europe, Asia
Diet: Insectivore
Average Lifespan in the Wild: 2-3 years
Read More: Long-tailed tit
Conservation Status: Status iucn3.1 LC.svg.png
Long-Tailed Tit Festival Gallery

“Good day! I’m Long Tailed-Tit! Because I have small body, I getting through life by helping each other. Australian Brushturkey said I’m her rival but she’s a reliable, kind, and sometimes come to help me. She told me that next time she will ask Campo Flicker to have an assessment match with her!”
Long-Tailed Tit's introduction

The Long-Tailed Tit is a type of bird Friend that first appeared in Guidebook 6.


Long-Tailed Tit has short white hair with two black sections leading onto her primarily black wings, which have small white stripes and a white and pale pink section at the top. On her bangs is a small diamond-shaped black marking to represent the beak. The back of her hair is black, pink and white. Her namesake long tail is black with small white stripes on either side. Additionally, her eyes are dark brown.

Below her white collar is a tie resembling her tail, which hangs over a sleeveless white jumper she wears over a pink shirt. The short sleeves of her shirt have black buttoned cuffs, and long white gloves lead underneath the sleeves. She wears a pale pink pleated skirt over white topped black tights, and her shoes are a plain black.

Series Appearances

Appearances In Kemono Friends Media
Media Role

In Real Life

A Long-Tailed Tit perched on a clothes line in the United Kingdom.

The Long-Tailed Tit is a small bird native to Europe and Russia, Korea and Japan. They're only 13-15 centimeters long which already includes the 7-9 cm long namegiving tail. They're mostly white with black and a few pink or grey bits. Their body is round and their bill is very short. They live in forests with well-developed shrub.

The Long-Tailed Tit lives in small flocks of family members outside of the breeding season. They help each other survive the winters until they break up into monogamous pairs to breed. They have a high nest failure rate because of predators. However, if they fail, they are likely to help other pairs with their breeds, usually a male relative, increasing the survivability of the offspring and adults during the winter. They often communicate through sounds and vocals. Their nests a large and domed, with one opening.

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