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Japari Library (Japanese:ジャパリ図書館 Hepburn:Japari Toshokan) is a recurring type of institution in the world of Kemono Friends. It is consistently depicted as a structure within a forest, intersected by or built around a tree, where a vast number of books are held and maintained by Northern White-Faced Owl and Eurasian Eagle-Owl caretakers. The first Japari Library shown in any Kemono Friends media was the one located in the Kyōshū Region of Japari Park, as featured in Episode 7 - Japari Library of the Kemono Friends anime.


Kemono Friends (2017 Anime)

The Japari Library is found deep in the Forest Area of the Kyōshū Region, sitting in an open grove surrounded by dense woods. There are two ways to reach the Japari Library from the Plains Area: either through the convoluted paths of the Quiz Forest, or via a direct trail.

A massive tree can be found growing through the heart of the Library, the canopy of which breaks through the roof of the structure. Hanging platforms dangle from the high branches of this canopy down to the flower field below, around the outside walls of the building. The Japari Library's exterior is designed so as to resemble a cut apple, and is dotted with small holes- likely serving as entry points- as well as one massive, jagged hole, visually evoking a bite having been taken out of the apple. Consequently, the structure is effectively an open-air library, the interior and literary contents being only partially protected from the elements. An outdoor cooking area can be found nearby, considered to be on Library grounds.

Inside the library, an array of bookshelves are set up along a spiral stone staircase; besides these stone stairs, brown carpet covers the floor. The trunk of the enormous tree takes up a fair amount of space in the building's center, and its branches push up against the Library's highest walls and bookshelves.


Kemono Friends (2017 Anime)

Main article: S1E07: Japari Library

This library is well-known among Friends in the Kyōshū Region as the place where Northern White-Faced Owl lives. Serval is the first to mention it, suggesting it may contain insight as to what kind of animal Kaban might be. The pair makes their way through the Quiz Forest and encounter Northern White-Faced Owl and Eurasian Eagle-Owl in front of the Library. In exchange for their assistance in cooking using the property's outdoor kitchen- something the owls struggle with due to their fear of fire, common to most Friends- Northern White-Faced Owl promises to teach Serval and Kaban the latter's species. After successfully completing the task laid out for her, Northern White-Faced Owl gives Kaban her promised reward: knowledge.

In Kemono Friends Kingdom

Kingdom has an equivalent to the Japari Library, referred to simply as the Library. It is located in the Bountiful Forest, and maintained by Northern White-Faced Owl and Eurasian Eagle-Owl. Like its Japari Park equivalent, this Library serves as the home and base of operations for these two owl Friends.

Interior shots of Kingdom's Library give the impression of a much grander building than the location in Japari Park. The construction is comparably ornate, with an enormous multi-purpose clock, chiselled stone pillars and barriers adorned with bas-reliefs, and what appear to be electrically-powered lamps or lanterns. Like the Japari Park Library, Kingdom's Library has several floors, but these appear to be more expansive. Notably, there is a giant tree located just outside of the Kingdom Library, as opposed to growing through it as is iconic of its Japari Park counterpart.


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