Kyushu Owl

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Kyushu Owl

Kyushu OwlOriginal.png

Character Data
Romaji Kyūshū Fukurō
Debut Kemono Friends (2015 Game)
Animal Data
Scientific Name Strix uralensis fuscescens
Distribution Kyushu, Shikoku, Southern Honshu
Diet Carnivore
Avg. Lifespan 8 Years
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Conservation Status iucn3.1 NT.svg.png
Kyushu Owl Nexon Game

The Kyushu Owl is a type of avian Friend that appeared in the original Kemono Friends mobile game.


Kyushu Owl's mid-length, multi-toned hair is mostly comprised of a gradient ranging from a dark to light taupe, with two streaks of dark highlights framing her face. Her bangs end in a snow white, with the very center being yellow in coloration as a reference to the real bird's beak. Two wings protrude from either side of her head, and like most owl Friends, they are folded by default. She is of average height in stature and has dark, grayish violet eyes.

Like most of her fellow owls, she wears a thick, fluffy overcoat matching the brown/white coloration of her hair. The coat features a downy white collar, which is held together with a small yellow ribbon. Beneath it, Kyushu Owl wears white leggings and Mary Janes. The brown, striped rectrices of her tail can be observed beneath her coat as well. She wields a faded yellow cane with an exaggeratedly long handle which closely resembles a beak.

Series Appearances

Appearances In Kemono Friends Media
Media Role
2015Nexon Game Minor character in story, playable character.

In Real Life

The Kyushu owl is a subspecies of the Ural owl that is endemic to southern Japan, including the islands of Kyushu and Shikoku. Like other Ural owls, it is a medium-sized bird of prey that feeds on primarily on rodents. It is a territorial, nocturnal hunter that can become aggressive near its nest during mating season. The Kyushu owl is not generally shy, and can be approached quite closely by humans.

These owls are usually monogamous, breeding for life and maintaining the same territory for many years. Females lay two to four eggs in early spring, which can be expected to hatch in about a month's time. They inhabit mature beech forests with some clearings, nesting in hollow trees. They have no natural predators within their small range.

A disabled Kyushu owl in the care of a kindhearted Japanese man. Her name is "En".

Kyushu owls are distinguished from other subspecies of Ural owl by their musky brown plumage, featuring dull sepia feathers that partially replace the white seen on many of their relatives. This is referenced in its subspecies name fuscescens, meaning "darkish". Compared to other subspecies of the Ural owl residing in northern parts of Japan, the Kyushu owl is larger and has darker feathers. Its many cries are loud and pronounced, with one such cry even being compared to the bark of a dog.


  • It is said that the Kyushu owl's call in rainy weather resembles the phrase "糊付け干せ" (noritsukete hose), meaning "starch and dry", which is fitting because said call is a surefire sign of clearing.


External Links

  • 男とロマンと時々機械 – Blog by 原田紀一 which includes many videos and high-quality photographs of En, a disabled Kyushu owl that he takes care of.

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