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Character Data
Japanese Name: キュルル
Romanised Name: Kyururu
First Featured in: Kemono Friends 2
Voiced By: Yui Ishikawa
Gender: Male
Status: Alive

Kyururu is the human main character of Kemono Friends 2.


Kyururu has black hair with edges gradually shifting towards a turquoise-like color. While his eyes have blue irises, Kyururu's eyes are unique for having differently-colored pupils, with the right pupil having a red color, and the left pupil having a tone somewhere between light blue and light green. In the rare moments that he is seen without his hat, it is shown that he has two tufts of hair sticking out of the top of their head.

He wears a black shirt, partially covered by a blue sleeveless jacket as upper clothing. The lower clothing consists of gray pants that go all the way to Kyururu's shins and then fold, held together by a white belt. His shoes are light blue, with a darker tone near the heel. He has a blue safari hat with a small brim and a feather with a turquoise tip, darker blue middle, and white bottom.

Lastly, Kyururu carries around a sketchbook (aptly titled "sketch book") with yellow-dark green rectangular shapes and logo, as well as a blue and dark blue backpack with a single strap, going diagonally through their chest.


Much like Kaban, Kyururu is soft-spoken, timid, and has great difficulty remembering their past. He gradually begins to assert himself more over time. While he can sometimes be disappointed or skeptical with others' actions, he is not rude and admits his fault when shown to be in the wrong. Much like a human, Kyururu is susceptible to his own emotions, with exceptionally heavy emotions capable of getting the better of him.

He enjoys drawing, with their most valuable possession being his sketchbook. Kyururu’s hobbies include sketching and coloring, and as such he uses his sketchbook to document past events and give drawings to other Friends as presents, demonstrating kindness and an affinity for making friends. There are drawings in his sketchbook from before his amnesia which indicates that they were acquainted with Japari Park before. Kyururu is determined, and shows strong commitments in the task of finding his home using these drawings.

Kyururu has a knack for problem solving. He is good at fixing things and making new items out of unrelated materials. Over time, he found his own unique way to help Friends with their issues and conflicts, including the creation of games for them to play with, often to stave off boredom or resolve fights.

Role in the Plot

Episode 1 - ?

Kyururu awakened from a mysterious egg-shaped structure in a Japari Park building. After finding Caracal and Serval, the trio set out to find Kyururu's house, which was depicted in a page of their notebook. Exploring in Japari Park with Caracal and Serval has helped him regain small portions of his memory. With the help of Caracal and Serval, Kyururu helps various friends out during their journey, usually relating to equipment or other elements that were previously available when Japari Park was still in service.


Caracal and Serval

While the circumstances of their meeting and traveling together are currently unknown, they appear to get along well with Kyururu and are willing to help them get to wherever they want to go, as well as protect them from Celliens along the way.

Arma and Sen-chan

Arma and Sen-chan are looking for Kyururu to bring them back to their mysterious boss. While they briefly caught up with Kyururu in South Maerica Park, they were unable to retrieve Kyururu due to being spooked by Serval and Caracal.

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