Kemono no Kodou

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Kemono no Kodou

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Song Data
Japanese Title: けもののこどう
Rōmaji Title: Kemono no Kodō
Album: 'Kemono no Kodou' (TBC)
Artist: KemoV Project (Humboldt Penguin, Island Fox, Coyote, Dire Wolf, Caracal, Large-Spotted Genet, Geoffroy's Cat, Brown Long-Eared Bat, Jungle Cat and Siberian Chipmunk)
Composer: Chihiro Tamaki, Ryuki Baba
Lyricist: Chihiro Tamaki, Ryuki Baba
Duration: 3:47

Kemono no Kodou, co-written by Chihiro Tamaki (玉木千尋) and Ryuki Baba (馬場龍樹), is the very first original song of KemoV Project. First revealed from a teaser on December 12, 2023 in anticipation of the second KemoV live performance, 'Kemono Friends LIVE' (けものフレンズV LIVE♪ かがやきをより強く!), the song's full version was performed for the first time during the live performance by all the 10 current members with full choreography.

On March 29, 2024 JST, the song has been released as a single album on various music streaming platforms worldwide, including Apple Music + iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Shazam, iHeartRadio, TUDALタイダル, Deezer, pandora and Gracenote.

It has been announced that a CD single will be released in the near future. The album is going to include an illustration by Mine Yoshizaki.


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