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Kemono Friends

Alarm logo.png

Mobile Game
Japanese Title: けものフレンズあらーむ
Romanized Title: Kemono Furenzu Arāmu
Publisher: Bushiroad
Genre: Utility
Platform: Android, iOS
Release Date: 22 August 2017

Kemono Friends Alarm (Japanese: けものフレンズあらーむ Hepburn: Kemono Furenzu Arāmu) is a phone app released on August 22nd, 2017. It was the first of Bushiroad's two simultaneous Kemono Friends projects, the second of which being Kemono Friends Pavilion. Alarm is a simple stand-alone application that, living up to its name, functions as an alarm clock, with customizable alarm messages being read off by Serval.

Disclaimer: All screenshots of the application on this article have been translated and typesetted for the instructional convenience of fans who come to this page. The game itself is in Japanese, so please use our translations as reference when learning to navigate it.


Typesetted translation of the main screen. Serval is hungry!

The following section describes Alarm's home screen as well as the four features that are selectable from it.

Home Screen

The player can interact with Serval, who takes up most of the screen. Users can feed her Japari Buns, which increase her Satisfaction (experience points), which accumulate over time to increase her Friendship Level. The heart in the upper-left corner reflects her appetite -- if it displays 30/30, Serval is full and will receive a much smaller bonus from Japari Buns that she is fed. The Japari Buns themselves regenerate every few hours at a rate that roughly corresponds to Serval's steadily increasing appetite, and disappear when their individual timers run out.

By tapping the screen, Serval will react differently depending on the area of her body that the user touches (head or torso). Touching her head will usually result in a response that implies the user is petting her, while touching her torso lends itself to a wider variety of responses (not all of them positive). The backdrop behind Serval, depicting the Savannah Region, will change depending on the time of day.

うらない (Horoscope)

On the Horoscope screen, a Lucky Beast gives the user a fortune, which is different each day. The daily fortune comes with a "Lucky Friend" of the day, predictions for luck in money, romance and work, as well as a lucky location and color.

ぼいす (Voice)

The Voice Data screen contains all of the voice lines that the player has unlocked and subsequently heard in-app. It also contains information on the user's current Friendship Level with Serval as well as the Satisfaction needed to advance to the next level. As Serval levels up, she unlock more voice lines, although users cannot replay them in the Voice Data menu until they've actually heard Serval say them for the first time herself. All voice lines are unlocked by Friendship Level 80.

さつえい (Photo)

Using the Photo feature, users can take photos "with" Serval by using existing images saved to their phone and positioning her to their liking on the screen. The photos can then be shared to Twitter, Facebook or LINE.

せってい (Settings)

The Settings menu contains the bulk of the "alarm" in Kemono Friends Alarm. The main screen contains two options, Alarm Settings and Schedule Settings.

On the Alarm Settings screen, users can set regularly occurring alarm for a single specific time and determine the days of the week they want it to activate on. The user can select from over a dozen voice lines for Serval to read off as the alarm message, as well as dictate how many times they want it to repeat, as well as the interval between each instance.

On the Schedule Settings screen, users can set up to 10 specific, one-time alarms for future dates that will activate regardless of the regular weekly alarm settings. They can also include a message (up to 20 characters) to more easily tell the custom alarms apart. Otherwise, the scheduled alarms function exactly like their normal counterpart.


  • Serval makes various references to the plot and cast of the anime series.

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