Kemono Friends 2 × Mabinogi

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Kemono Friends 2 × Mabinogi


Game Collaboration
Game Collaborated With: Mabinogi
Kemono Friends Counterpart: Kemono Friends 2
Developer: devCAT
Publisher: Nexon Korea
Platform: PC
Run Date: April 16th-May 14th, 2020

Kemono Friends 2 × Mabinogi was a collaboration between Kemono Friends 2 and Korean MMORPG Mabinogi that ran from April 16th to May 14th, 2020. It featured a large amount of Kemono Friends 2-related content such as clothing outfits, pets, minigames, furniture, and emotes.


The collaboration featured both temporary and permanent content.

Temporary Content

Sandstar Rain and Caravan Friend Joe

Sandstar rain

During the collab, rain was replaced with Sandstar particles. Additionally, the event shop Caravan Joe was renamed to Caravan Friend Joe for the duration of the collab. Caravan Friend Joe sold Kaban and the Owls' costumes, Kaban's backpack and Kyururu's satchel, and the Savanna and Snowfield Studio sets for the Japari Coin event currency.

Event Quests

During the collab, daily quests were available that would contribute towards Kyururu's Memory Fragment minigame as well as providing Japari Coin event currency used to buy items from Caravan Friend Joe. Serval's quest involved fishing for her lost Japari Bun, Caracal's quest involved defeating slime Celliens, and Northern White-Faced Owl and Eurasian Eagle-Owl's quests involved bringing them curry and Sandstar. Completing these quests granted Friend abilities that would aid in Kyururu's Memory Fragment minigame as well as Titles.

Kyururu's Memory Fragment

The ring that had to be defended. The Lucky Beast shop can also be seen. Credit to GDP Duncan from YouTube for the video this screenshot is from.

This minigame took the style of a tower-defense game with 15 waves where the player played as Kyururu defending a ring from Celliens. The Friend abilities earned from completing the event quests could be used and upgraded in order to progress, as well as buying stat increases to survive longer. Completing the minigame would award Japari Coin event currency and a special Title. The minigame was administered by a Lucky Beast that gave the rewards as well.

Roulette Minigame

The board used for the roulette minigame

Each day, players could spin a wheel a few times to advance a certain number of spaces on the board. Reaching the final space granted a gift box called KEMONO FRIENDS Japari Coin Box that gave 3 Japari Coin event currency. The Japari Bun spaces would move you forward or backwards based on the number of buns. Landing on the Out space sent the player back to the start. The Crying Commando Lucky Beast would take away spins, and if the player had no spins left, it would carry over to the next day. The Gift Box spaces would give a Caravan Friend Joe's Lucky Box, which could contain the Owls' outfits and Titles, as well as various Mabinogi items. The Exp Bonus spaces gave a random amount of experience. Finally, the Coin spaces would give Mabinogi gold in check form.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

On the collaboration site, games of rock, paper, scissors could be played twice a day for event currency during the duration of the collab.

Permanent Content


Analogous to mounts, the Japari Bus and Japari Tractor were purchasable and provided strong effects. The Japari Bus allowed up to seven players to ride, providing a buff skill called Joyful Japari Park for 10 minutes to anyone who rides, granting them All Stats +10, Max Damage +15, Defense +5, Protection +5, Magic Defense +5, Magic Protection +5, Movement Speed +40%, and Combat EXP 100% increase. The Japari Tractor provided a skill that allowed dashing into enemies and stunning them when hit.

Character Outfits and Eyes

Clothing outfits of Kaban, Kyururu, Serval, Caracal, Northern White-Faced Owl, Eurasian Eagle-Owl, Western Parotia, and Greater Lophorina, and the eyes for Kyururu, Serval, Caracal, Northern White-Faced Owl, Western Parotia, Greater Lophorina, Raccoon, Fennec Fox, Crested Ibis, and Siberian Tiger could be obtained from either the event shop or gacha boxes. There is also a costume of the Cellien that Caracal wears in Episode 8 of season 2.

Pets and Puppets

Pets, puppets, and dolls of various Kemono Friends chararacters were available. Serval, Carcal, Northern White-Faced Owl, and Eurasian Eagle-Owl were available as summonable pets that followed the player around known as Mini Gems. The four types of Lucky Beasts featured in Season 2 were available as Flying and Support puppets that provided defense boosts and special abilities like a map on a daily cooldown. Both the Friends and Lucky Beasts were also available for purchase separately as dolls which granted various stat boosts and would also assist the player by collecting things, also on a daily cooldown.


Equippable Titles could be earned through event quests, and 2nd Titles could be obtained from gacha boxes, that were considered good for the stat boosts and bonuses they grant. These included "The Japari Park Caretaker" for completing Serval's quest, "The Mabinogi Friends" for completing Caracal's quest, "The Japari Park Guide" for Northern White-Faced Owl's quest, "The Loyal Fan of PPP" for Eurasian Eagle-Owl's quest, and "The Cellien-Buster" for completing Kyururu's Memory Fragment. 2nd Titles display a small icon next to the Title and Name of the player in addition to granting boosts. The gacha boxes contained "KEMONO FRIENDS/Friends," "Serval/Friends," "Caracal/Friends," and "Royal Penguin/Friends." Caravan Friend Joe's Lucky Box contained "Northern White-Faced Owl/Friends," and "Eurasian Eagle-Owl/Friends."

Furniture and Installations

Functional furniture and Installations were available from gacha boxes. The Homestead PPP Group Cutout is a home furniture item that can be placed to grant stat boosts. Kyururu's Capsule, the PPP Stage, the Savanna Studio Set, and the Snowfield Studio Set can be used to gain a rest boost and regenerate HP anywhere. Cutouts of each PPP member were available as Installations, items which can be used to place the cutout in-world for 10 minutes before they despawn.

Gestures, Actions and Balloons

Four gestures (like emotes) were available in the gacha boxes as well as five kinds of balloons. One gesture is a simple clawing attack, one is the Japari Beat dance from the Season 2 opening performed by Serval, Caracal, and Kyururu, one is a wave, and one is a pose based on Caracal's Nexon art. Two Actions were available, similar to skills. A reskin of the Throw Paper Airplane action featuring the burning paper airplane from Episode 5 and a Serval Jump Action were available from the gacha boxes. Five consumable balloons (5 uses each) featuring a member of PPP on them were also available.

Crisis Escape Skins

Crisis Escape is a skill in Mabinogi which transforms the player into an inanimate object, causing any enemies targeting them to stop. The player is unable to do anything during this. Three types of Crisis Escape skins were available, changing the kinds of objects the player randomly turns into when using the skill. This included a PPP set, transforming the player into a random PPP cutout, a Cellien set, transforming the player into one of three Celliens in the form of furniture objects from the game, and the Friends set, transforming the player into either a Lucky Beast, basket of Japari Buns, or Kaban's hat.


The original version of the Eurasian Eagle-Owl wig which was incorrectly colored.
  • When the collaboration first released, Eurasian Eagle-Owl's hair was improperly colored, but this was later fixed.
  • This collaboration is the first time that localized names were used for the Musician and Commando Lucky Beasts.
  • On the rock, paper, scissors site, a Type-III Lucky Beast from Kemono Friends Pavilion could be seen.