Kemono Friends: Kingdom Original Soundtrack, Vol. 1

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Kemono Friends: Kingdom
Original Soundtrack, Vol. 1


Song Data
Release Date September 5, 2023
Price ¥1600
Publisher Caisheng Bo
Composer(s) Caisheng Bo
Performer(s) ?
Duration ??:??

The Kemono Friends: Kingdom Original Soundtrack, Vol. 1, digital released 9/5/2023, contains background music created specifically for Kemono Friends Kingdom.

Track Listing

Track # Name Composer Length
1 A New Chapter Begins Caisheng Bo 0:54
2 Kingdom - Kemono Friends Caisheng Bo 1:28
3 Let Go Your Worries and Relax Caisheng Bo 3:04
4 A Perfect Day for Outing! Caisheng Bo 2:41
5 Explore the Uncharted Caisheng Bo 2:07
6 Friends Unite! Caisheng Bo 1:40
7 Home Sweet Home Caisheng Bo 3:02
8 Friends Attack! Caisheng Bo 1:35
9 Behold! Caisheng Bo 2:22
10 The Sun Glows Just Right Caisheng Bo 3:17
11 Happy Grocery Shopping Caisheng Bo 2:44
12 Friends by My Side Caisheng Bo 2:44
13 Friends' Harmony Caisheng Bo 1:36
14 Preparing for Attack Caisheng Bo 1:37
15 Ceruleans Storming In Caisheng Bo 2:33
16 Great Day at the Park Caisheng Bo 4:15
17 Kingdom Manjū Caisheng Bo 4:06
18 Lie Stretched on the Grass (And Yawn) Caisheng Bo 3:02
19 It's an Earthly Paradise Caisheng Bo 3:21
20 The Calling Caisheng Bo 3:21)
21 Kingdom Guidebook Caisheng Bo 1:52

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