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The protagonist's necklace.

The Kemono Amulet, known informally as the Time Amulet, The protagonist's charm, or Towa's Charm, is a necklace worn by the protagonist of the Nexon game. The protagonist's charm, like much of the equipment that a Friend can use in the Nexon game, has the power to boost a Friend's natural abilities. Within the Nexon game itself, the true nature of the charm is kept relatively secretive.


Time Amulet Active.jpg

In addition to a passive effect which bolsters the power of all Friends that are near the protagonist, the charm has been shown to grant new abilities to Friends, such as granting Crested Ibis the ability to heal others through song. Moreso than that, however, the charm has numerous protective abilities, including counteracting effects caused by the loss of Sparkle. Despite losing the Sparkle which grants Serval the ability to speak human language, a reaction with the charm temporarily granted her speech, and prevented her condition from advancing further. A similar effect occurs when a Cellien steals a Sparkle of faith from the Wolf Federation, while leaving Towa, Serval, and Mirai unharmed, demonstrating that the amulet also has the ability to prevent the Sparkles of those under its protection from being stolen.

The amulet is also able to restore lost memory. On numerous occasions, a reaction with the charm caused Towa to recall events they had forgotten, and allowed Serval to recall what happened to her during her stay at Park Central during the initial Cellien attack.

The charm's most powerful ability is that of allowing the user to travel through time itself. Despite the potential of this power, there is only one known instance of this powerful ability being used, as Guidebook 4 states that Towa at one point travels back in time to give themselves the amulet to use when needed, likely during the Cellien Queen incident that was the focus of the Nexon game. Because of this, the process through which a user may travel through time is shrouded in secret. However, it is possible that it is not an ability that can be used easily, as Guidebook 4 features the crests of several Friends which have power equal to deities. These Friends are Genbu, Seiryu, Suzaku, Byakko, Oinari-sama, and Inugami Gyoubu. While Oinari-sama inscribes her crest onto the amulet during the events of the game, the other crests are never granted to Towa during the game. It can be assumed that the amulet will only allow the power of time when all six crests are present.

Role in the Plot

Kemono Friends (2015 Mobile Game)

In the Nexon Game, the protagonist's charm is immediately given special notice, though its origins remain shrouded in mystery. Its hidden abilities first come into play during the very first quest of the story, where Serval is being chased by a Cellien and runs into Towa and Mirai. As Serval approaches, Towa's charm begins to glow, which fills her with a new strength, allowing her to defeat the Cellien. Though never confirmed, it is implicated that the power of the charm is related to why the Park Founder chose Towa to come to Japari Park in the first place. Later, it is revealed that Silver Fox was aware of the charm's existence before Towa ever set foot in Japari Park. Serval later questions Towa on how they first got their charm, but Towa is unable to say for sure, stating that it causes them to feel like they're trying to remember someone, but it makes them sad. Serval is unsure how to feel about that, but realizes that she recognizes the scent on the charm, and that it is possible that it was given to them by someone in the park.

The charm is brought up again in Chapter 2, where Professor Kohona and Assistant Mimi take interest in the charm and wish to study it, and perhaps even take it for themselves, though their findings conclude that only Towa is able to make use of the charm despite this. Not long after, the owls are perplexed by the charm once again after it gives Crested Ibis the power to use her song to heal injuries. Afterwards The charm does not become relevant again until Chapter 4, where it prevent Serval's Gao-Gao Disease from progressing further, allowing Towa and their party to find a cure before Serval can succumb to the disease entirely. After Silver Fox invents a vaccine for the disease, Serval is cured, which allows her to recognize that the scent she smelled on the charm earlier was found on Silver Fox. In Chapter 5, While taking Silver Fox through a snowy area, the charm begins to shine again and Towa passes out, where they have a dream that repeats the opening lines of the game. Not long after, following questioning, Serval posits the possibility that Silver Fox's superior, Oinari-sama, is the one who gave the protagonist the amulet.

Later, in Chapter 6, the protagonist passes out once more and regains one of their memories. In the memory, Towa is scolded for bringing an animal into the house, but heads out into the rain to feed a fox that was seen near a shrine regardless. For some reason, this causes Serval to feel nostalgic, for reasons she cannot explain. As the group presses forward in Chapter 7, the amulet shines once more and grants Serval her own memories of a Cellien attack on Park Central that occurred before the story began, which lead to her unlocking the power of Kemo Harmony.

The charm's last appearance in the main story is in the final quest, where Oinari-sama expresses her gratitude to Towa for all that they have done for Japari Park, and asks to see the amulet that guided them here. To her surprise, she notes that despite how it has been damaged, it is an item that she recognizes. Her confusion only compounds once she notices that the amulet is lacking her crest, which she remembers the charm as having. As thanks for protecting Japari Park, Oinari-sama then inscribes her crest onto the charm as a sign of her appreciation, granting Towa her protection.

After this point, it can be assumed from Guidebook 4 that Towa later unlocks the ability to use the charm's time travel abilities and gives the charm to their younger self.

Kemono Friends Pavilion

While Towa's charm never explicitly appears in Kemono Friends Pavilion, Lucky Beast Type-III wears a necklace which resembles the charm as it is depicted in Guidebook 4, featuring the colors of the Four Gods arranged in their respective cardinal directions. A similar pattern also appears during the Pavilion system reboot in the game's opening. Despite this, any relation to the protagonist's charm itself is merely speculation.

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