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The Ecstasy of Margay
KemoTalk ID:  ?
Japanese Title: マーゲイ、うちょうてん
Implemented: January 26th, 2018
Friends Present: Gentoo Penguin, Margay
Area: Savanna
Time: Day
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KemoTalk 97 is titled The Ecstasy of Margay (マーゲイ、うちょうてん). It is unlocked by an interaction between Gentoo Penguin and Margay.


Character Japanese English
Kemotalk 010023001 04.png
Gentoo Penguin
んっ、またついてきてるみたい。……こっちから話しかけてみようかな。 Hmn, I guess she's still following behind me..... I'll try talking to her from here.
Kemotalk 010023001 08.png
Gentoo Penguin
ねえ、マーゲイさん。 Hey, Margay.
Kemotalk 010025001 06.png
!!  !!
Kemotalk 010025001 01.png
(ススススス) *scurries away*
Kemotalk 010023001 06.png
Gentoo Penguin
えっ?逃げないでください! Huh? Hey, don't run away!
Kemotalk 010025001 04.png
えへへ、わたしなんかがジェーンさんのおそばに寄るなんて!遠くから見てるだけで十分ですから! *ehehe*, the thought of being by Gean's side is too much! Just watching from afar is enough for me!
Kemotalk 010023001 05.png
Gentoo Penguin
もう、冗談はやめてください。マネージャーなんですから、普通にそばにいてくださいよ。 Please stop playing around, you're our manager for goodness sake. Just walk with me normally.
Kemotalk 010025001 02.png
いやー、初心を忘れないためにファンであり続けようと思って。 I mustn't. I never want to forget the way it felt the first time; I have to remain but a humble fan.
Kemotalk 010023001 02.png
Gentoo Penguin
うふふ、マーゲイさんって真面目な方ですね。頼もしいです。 *giggle* You're very serious about all this, Margay. I'm glad we can count on you.
Kemotalk 010025001 08.png
あはー!褒められた!これからもよろしくお願いしますね。 *Aha~*! I'm being praised! Please be good to me in the future, too.
Kemotalk 010025001 05.png
では! Now then!
Kemotalk 010025001 01.png
(ススススス) *scurries away*
Kemotalk 010023001 04.png
Gentoo Penguin
もう、マーゲイさん! Margay! Come on!
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