KemoTalk 86

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KemoTalk 86
English Title: Swimming is Fun, noda!
Japanese Title: およぎはたのしいのだ
Implemented: January 26th, 2018
Friends Present: Serval, Raccoon, Royal Penguin
Area: Waterfront
Time: Day
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KemoTalk 86 is titled Swimming is Fun, noda! (およぎはたのしいのだ). It is unlocked by an interaction between Serval, Raccoon and Royal Penguin.


Character Japanese English
Kemotalk 010020001 02.png
Royal Penguin
ふぅ……。ちょっと休憩しようかしら。誰もいないし、水浴びしちゃおうっと。 *phew*.... I guess I should take a little break. There's no one around, maybe I'll take a bath.
Kemotalk 010020001 08.png
Royal Penguin
はぁー、やっぱり気持ちいいー。 *Haaa*~, it feels so good.
Kemotalk 010001001 03.png
あ、プリンセス!ねぇ、何してるの? Hey Princess! What are you up to?
Kemotalk 010020001 02.png
Royal Penguin
ちょっと一休みしてるの。あなたは何しに来たの? I'm just taking a quick break. What brings you to the waterfront?
Kemotalk 010001001 01.png
わたしはアライグマが泳ぎたいって言うから、連れてきたんだ。 Raccoon was saying she wanted to go for a swim, so I came along.
Kemotalk 010020001 01.png
Royal Penguin
そうなのね。で、アライグマは? Oh, I see. But, where's Raccoon?
Kemotalk 010002001 03.png
(ザバーッ!) *sploosh*!
Kemotalk 010020001 06.png
Royal Penguin
きゃっ!なんなの!? *kyaaa~*! What on earth!?
Kemotalk 010002001 01.png
アライさんなのだ!泳ぎも得意なんだぞー! It's Arai-san, nanoda! I'm super good at swimming!
Kemotalk 010020001 02.png
Royal Penguin
へぇーっ、なかなか器用に泳ぐのね。わたしから見てもなかなかイケてるわよ。 Huh, you actually are doing pretty well. Even for me, that's pretty good form.
Kemotalk 010002001 03.png
へへーん、水を得たアライさんなのだ! *hehe~n*, it's the great amphibious Arai-san, nanoda!
Kemotalk 010001001 02.png
うわー、すっごく元気!でも、この前ちょっとおぼれてたよねー。 Uwa, you're so energetic! It looked like you were going straight Davey Jones' locker at first.
Kemotalk 010002001 01.png
そうだったっけ?とにかく泳ぎは楽しいのだー。 You think so? Don't mind that, swimming's really fun, noda.
Kemotalk 010020001 01.png
Royal Penguin
本当に楽しそうね。PPPも泳ぎが得意な子が多いから、連れてこようかしら。 It looks that way. The other girls in PPP are great swimmers too, maybe we should go get them.
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