KemoTalk 660

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They Look Alike, But...
KemoTalk ID: ?
Japanese Title: にているけれどちがいます
Implemented: April 4th, 2018
Friends Present: Fossa, Asian Small-Clawed Otter, Japanese River Otter
Area: ?
Time: Day
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KemoTalk 660 is titled They Look Alike, But... (にているけれどちがいます). It is unlocked by an interaction between Fossa, Asian Small-Clawed Otter and Japanese River Otter.


Character Japanese English
Kemotalk 010042001 01.png
やぁ!二人で遊びに行くの? Yo! Wanna go play together?
Kemotalk 010007001 03.png
Asian Small-Clawed Otter
そーだよー。もっちろん! Of course I do!
Kemotalk 010041001 02.png
Japanese River Otter
えへへ、コツメカワウソが、水遊びしようって。 Ehehe, Small-Clawed Otter was just saying we should go play in the water.
Kemotalk 010007001 01.png
Asian Small-Clawed Otter
この尻尾で、グングン水をかいて泳ぐぞー! With this tail, I can swim
Kemotalk 010042001 02.png
へーっ、きみ達の尻尾はそう使うんだ。 Whoah, so you two use your tails like that.
Kemotalk 010007001 02.png
Asian Small-Clawed Otter
フォッサの尻尾は長くて立派だよねー。どうやって使うのー? Fossa's tail is so big and awesome; how do you use yours?
Kemotalk 010042001 02.png
わたしの大きな尻尾は……。 I take this big tail of mine, and I....
Kemotalk 010042001 07.png
(ブラーン) *boing*
Kemotalk 010042001 01.png
木の上でバランスをとるんだ。とっても便利。 I use it to balance on trees. It's really handy.
Kemotalk 010041001 06.png
Japanese River Otter
へぇ〜、すごい。 Wow, that's so cool.
Kemotalk 010007001 05.png
Asian Small-Clawed Otter
見て見て!あのね、わたしの尻尾はこうやってー。 Look, look! Did you know, if I do like this with my tail,
Kemotalk 010007001 02.png
Asian Small-Clawed Otter
(グルグルグル) *spin* *spin* *spin*
Kemotalk 010007001 03.png
Asian Small-Clawed Otter
自分で追いかけるといつまでも回れるんだー。たーのし―! I can chase myself and run around forever. It's tanoshii~!
Kemotalk 010042001 03.png
へぇーっ、なんか面白そう。わたしもやってみよっかな。 Eeh, that actually looks kind of fun. I think I'll give it a try.
Kemotalk 010041001 01.png
Japanese River Otter
……。 .....
Kemotalk 010041001 05.png
Japanese River Otter
わ、わたしもできるかな……。 I-, I wonder if I can do it too....
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