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Arai-san's Bedtime Snack
KemoTalk ID: 0267
Japanese Title: アライさんのおやしょく
Implemented: January 26th, 2018
Friends Present: Raccoon, Fennec Fox, Atlantic Puffin
Area: Mountain
Time: Day
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KemoTalk 0267 is titled Arai-san's Bedtime Snack (アライさんのおやしょく). It is unlocked by an interaction between Raccoon, Fennec Fox and Atlantic Puffin.


Character Japanese English
Kemotalk 010032001 07.png
Atlantic Puffin
うんしょ。よいしょ。 And left, and right...
Kemotalk 010002001 01.png
ヨチヨチ歩いてると思ったら、パフィンなのだ。山登りしてるのか? With someone walking around like that, it's gotta be Puffin, nanoda. Are you mountain climbing?
Kemotalk 010032001 01.png
Atlantic Puffin
えー、ここって山なのー?パフィンちゃん、全然気づかなかったですー。 Eeh, this place is a mountain~? Puffin-chan didn't even notice.
Kemotalk 010003001 01.png
Fennec Fox
またじゃぱりまんをくれる子を探してるのかなー? Are you looking for someone who will give you a Japari bun again?
Kemotalk 010032001 03.png
Atlantic Puffin
実はそうなんでーす!お腹がへってさまよってましたー……。 Yep, that's right~! I've just been puttering around on empty....
Kemotalk 010003001 01.png
Fennec Fox
わたしは持ってないんだよー。でも、アライさんが持ってたよねー。 I don't actually have any with me. Arai-san has one though.
Kemotalk 010002001 08.png
こ、これはダメなのだ!寝る前に食べようと思って、とっておいたのだ……。 Th-, this is no good! I was saving it so I could have it before bed, noda.....
Kemotalk 010003001 08.png
Fennec Fox
パフィンに少し分けてあげたらー? How about just giving Puffin part of it?
Kemotalk 010002001 07.png
……わかったのだ!アライさんのを半分あげるのだ! ......Fine, noda! Arai-san will give you half of Arai-san's, noda!
Kemotalk 010032001 03.png
Atlantic Puffin
わーい、アライさんは命の恩人なんでーす! Yay! Arai-san's a real life saver!
Kemotalk 010002001 01.png
ふはははは。パフィンの危機を救ったのだ! Fuhahaha. I saved Puffin from the jaws of hunger!
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