KemoTalk 197

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KemoTalk 197
English Title: Breezy Napping Spot
Japanese Title: かぜのふくねどこ
Implemented: January 26th, 2018
Friends Present: Lion, Brown Bear
Area: Mountain
Time: Day
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KemoTalk 197 is titled Breezy Napping Spot (かぜのふくねどこ). It is unlocked by an interaction between Lion and Brown Bear.


Character Japanese English
Kemotalk 010012001 07.png
今日も平和だねぇ。ここでゴロゴロしちゃおうかなぁ〜。 Another peaceful day. Think I'll try and get some lounging done over here~.
Kemotalk 010017001 04.png
Brown Bear
おいおい、そんなところで寝るなよ。 Hey hey, don't go sleeping in a place like that.
Kemotalk 010012001 07.png
いいじゃ〜ん。ヒグマは、またセルリアン探ししてるの〜? Come o~n, it's fine. Are you looking for ceruleans again, Brown Bear?
Kemotalk 010017001 02.png
Brown Bear
まあ、そんなところだ。 That's about the size of it.
Kemotalk 010017001 04.png
Brown Bear
しかし、お前はいつ見てもダラダラしてるな。 But you're out here loafing around, as always.
Kemotalk 010012001 04.png
ひっどいなぁ〜。わたしだって本気出すとすごいんだからねぇ。 That's so mean, you big meanie~. Y'know, when I actually put some effort in I'm pretty amazing.
Kemotalk 010017001 07.png
Brown Bear
わかったわかった。お前の強さはわたしもよく知ってるさ。 Yeah, yeah. Even I know how strong you actually are.
Kemotalk 010012001 07.png
あ〜、きみもゴロゴロしていきなよ。たまにはお話しよう。 Aah~, c'mere and relax with me for a little bit. We should just talk once in a while.
Kemotalk 010017001 02.png
Brown Bear
そうだな。……あー、風が気持ちいいな。 That's true...... Ah, this breeze feels great.
Kemotalk 010012001 07.png
でしょ〜。静かだし、とっておきの寝場所なんだよね。 Doesn't it~? Everything's so quiet here, it's my secret napping spot.
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