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Princess' Growth
KemoTalk ID:  ?
Japanese Title: プリンセスのせいちょう
Implemented: January 26th, 2018
Friends Present: Raccoon, Royal Penguin
Area: Waterfront
Time: Day
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KemoTalk 154 is titled Princess' Growth (プリンセスのせいちょう). It is unlocked by an interaction between Raccoon and Royal Penguin.


Character Japanese English
Kemotalk 010002001 03.png
うわぁーっ、すごいのだ!(パチパチパチ) Uwaa~, that' was awesome, noda! *clap clap clap*
Kemotalk 010002001 01.png
プリンセスは歌もダンスも上手なのだ!見とれちゃったのだ。 Princess is so good at dancing and singing, nanoda! It's really impressive, noda.
Kemotalk 010020001 05.png
Royal Penguin
ありがとう。でも、わたしはアイドルだもの。これぐらいは当たり前よ! Thank you. I am an idol though, so this much should be expected.
Kemotalk 010002001 03.png
アイドルはとってもすごいのだ! Idols sure are something, noda!
Kemotalk 010020001 04.png
Royal Penguin
ま、まあ、褒めてくれて、うれしいけど。 T-, thanks, it makes me happy to hear you say that... And stuff...
Kemotalk 010002001 03.png
うれしい時は、ちゃんと笑うといいのだ!アライさんはそうしてるのだ。ふははははー! When you're happy, sometimes you just gotta laugh! Arai-san too, noda. Fuhahaha!
Kemotalk 010020001 07.png
Royal Penguin
……まさか、あなたがコウテイと同じことを言うとは思わなかったわ。 ....Wow, I didn't expect you to say the same thing as Emperor.
Kemotalk 010020001 04.png
Royal Penguin
コウテイがね、お前はもっと素直になった方がいいって……。 Y'know, Emperor, she also said I should be more forthcoming emotionally.....
Kemotalk 010002001 02.png
そうなのだ!素直なのが一番いいのだ!そうすれば、もっとよくなるのだ! She's right, noda! It's best to just put everything out there, noda! If you start doing that, things will only get better, noda!
Kemotalk 010020001 03.png
Royal Penguin
あなたも良いこと言ってくれるのね。やってみるわ! Thanks, that's good advice too. Alright, let's give it a shot!
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