KemoTalk 134

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KemoTalk 134
English Title: Princess Is An Idol
Japanese Title: プリンセスはアイドル
Implemented: January 26th, 2018
Friends Present: Serval, Royal Penguin
Area: Waterfront
Time: Day
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KemoTalk 134 is titled Princess Is An Idol (プリンセスはアイドル). It is unlocked by an interaction between Serval and Royal Penguin.


Character Japanese English
Kemotalk 010020001 08.png
Royal Penguin
ラ~ラララ~♪ la~ la la la~♪
Kemotalk 010020001 04.png
Royal Penguin
……ダメだわ。次のステージまで時間がないのに、どうしよう……。 .....That's no good. And there's not much time before the next concert, what should I do.....
Kemotalk 010001001 02.png
また歌の練習してるんだね。 Singing practice again today, Princess?
Kemotalk 010020001 06.png
Royal Penguin
わっ!あなた見てたの? Wah! You were watching?
Kemotalk 010001001 03.png
えへへ、見てたよ!いまの歌、すっごく上手だったよ。 Ehehe, yup! That song you were singing just now sounded super great.
Kemotalk 010020001 02.png
Royal Penguin
ふふっ、ほめてくれるのはありがたいわ。けど、これじゃPPPのメンバーとして、満足できないのよ。 *fufu*, I appreciate the compliment. That just wasn't good enough for a PPP member though...
Kemotalk 010001001 06.png
そうなの?そんなに上手いのに。 You think so? But it was so good.
Kemotalk 010020001 05.png
Royal Penguin
ステージを見に来たみんなに、もっと楽しくなってもらいたいのよ。 Everyone that comes to see us on stage, I want to make them even more happy.
Kemotalk 010020001 02.png
Royal Penguin
サーバルも今度わたし達のステージにきてくれない?他の子たちも誘ってね。 Will you come to see us again this time? Can you bring some of the other girls too?
Kemotalk 010001001 02.png
よーし、いっぱい誘ってくるよ! Alright, I'll bring lots of them, just wait!
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