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Seeking a Formidable Opponent
KemoTalk ID:  ?
Japanese Title: きょうてきをもとめて
Implemented: January 26th, 2018
Friends Present: Raccoon, Brown Bear
Area: Mountain
Time: Day
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KemoTalk 131 is titled Seeking a Formidable Opponent (きょうてきをもとめて). It is unlocked by an interaction between Raccoon and Brown Bear.


Character Japanese English
Kemotalk 010017001 08.png
Brown Bear
おかしいな……。この辺りにいるって話なんだが。 That's odd...... They said it was in this area.
Kemotalk 010002001 04.png
何をきょろきょろしてるのだ? What are you looking for?
Kemotalk 010017001 01.png
Brown Bear
おお、お前か。いやな、最近セルリアンがウロウロしてると聞いたから探してるんだ。 Oh, it's you. Well, I got a tip that there were some ceruleans hanging around here so I came to take a look.
Kemotalk 010002001 06.png
ええーっ、見つけてどうするのだ? Eeeh? What are you gonna do when you find them, noda?
Kemotalk 010017001 02.png
Brown Bear
決まってるさ。やっつけるんだよ。 What I always do. Take them out.
Kemotalk 010002001 04.png
むむむ、だけどでっかいやつは危険なのだ……。 *mu mu mu*, but those really big ones are so dangerous, nanoda-.....
Kemotalk 010017001 02.png
Brown Bear
ふん、わたしはサイキョーのハンターだ。少し大きいぐらいなら平気だぞ。 *fufun*~, I'm the strongest of the hunters. Even big ones are no problem for me.
Kemotalk 010002001 04.png
うーん、でも気をつけるのだ。 Hmmnn, well whatever you do, just come back one piece, noda~.
Kemotalk 010017001 07.png
Brown Bear
だてにハンターをやってるわけじゃない。まぁ1人で無理そうなら作戦を立て直すさ。 Being a hunter doesn't mean I'm a loose cannon. If it looks too big to handle solo I'll back off and come up with a plan first.
Kemotalk 010017001 02.png
Brown Bear
……心配してくれてありがとう。 .....Thanks being concerned about me.
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