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Alpaca Loves her Cafe
KemoTalk ID:  ?
Japanese Title: カフェをあいするアルパカ
Implemented: January 26th, 2018
Friends Present: Serval, Suri Alpaca
Area: Mountain
Time: Day
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KemoTalk 121 is titled Alpaca Loves her Cafe (カフェをあいするアルパカ). It is unlocked by an interaction between Serval and Suri Alpaca.


Character Japanese English
Kemotalk 010001001 03.png
アルパカ、こんにちは! Hello, Alpaca!
Kemotalk 010006001 03.png
Suri Alpaca
ようこそぉ、いらっしゃぁ〜い。えへっ、今、お茶いれるねぇ。 Welcome! Come right in~. *giggle* Sit right down and let me pour you some tea.
Kemotalk 010001001 01.png
うーん、どうしよっかなー。 No thanks. Let's see, what should I do today~.
Kemotalk 010006001 04.png
Suri Alpaca
んぅ?お客さんじゃないのぉ〜? Wh-? You're not a customer~?
Kemotalk 010006001 08.png
Suri Alpaca
……ぺっ! ...... *peh*!
Kemotalk 010001001 02.png
えへへ、冗談!お茶ちょうだい!アルパカは、ほんとにお茶が好きなんだね。 Hehe, Just kidding! One cup of tea, please! Alpaca really likes tea, don't you.
Kemotalk 010006001 03.png
Suri Alpaca
やったぁ!それじゃあお茶いれるねぇ。 Yay~! Well then, let me pour you a cup.
Kemotalk 010006001 03.png
Suri Alpaca
あたしはお茶も好きだけど、このジャパリカフェも大好きなんだぁ。 I do quite like tea, but most of all I love our Japari Cafe.
Kemotalk 010001001 03.png
そっか、ここってとってもいいところだもんね! You do, huh? It really is such a nice place!
Kemotalk 010006001 03.png
Suri Alpaca
そんなにほめてもらえてうれしいなぁ。ふへへへへ。 You'll make me blush; I'm so happy you like it. *giggle*
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