KemoTalk 0187

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Dependable Ms. Hippo
KemoTalk ID: ?
Japanese Title: たよれるカバどの
Implemented: January 26th, 2018
Friends Present: Hippopotamus, Jaguar, Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
Area: Savanna
Time: Day
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KemoTalk 187 is titled Dependable Ms. Hippo (たよれるカバどの). It is unlocked by an interaction between Hippopotamus, Jaguar and Black-Tailed Prairie Dog.


Character Japanese English
Kemotalk 010010001 03.png
Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
(ガリガリガリッ!) *fierce gnawing*
Kemotalk 010010001 06.png
Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
(ガチッ!) *chonk*!
Kemotalk 010010001 04.png
Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
……うわぁ、大きな石であります。これ以上は無理でありますか。 .....Uwa~, this is a big ol' rock. I guess that's it for that.
Kemotalk 010004001 01.png
わたしがどかしてあげるわね。 Let me get that out of your way.
Kemotalk 010004001 02.png
(ゴロン) *rumble*
Kemotalk 010004001 03.png
これでいい? Is that better?
Kemotalk 010010001 02.png
Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
助かったであります!カバどのは力持ちでありますね。 You're a life saver! Ms. Hippo sure is strong, huh.
Kemotalk 010008001 01.png
カバは相変わらず力持ちだな。 As always, Hippo's quite the power house.
Kemotalk 010010001 02.png
Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
ジャガーどの!カバどのはすごいでありますよ! Ms. Jaguar! Did you see how amazing Ms. Hippo is!
Kemotalk 010008001 07.png
そうだねー。あたしもたまに助けられるよ。 I sure did. Sometimes she does the same kind of thing for me.
Kemotalk 010004001 08.png
うーん。わたしはおしとやかにしたいんだけど……。 Hmmm. I usually try to act in a more refined manner though....
Kemotalk 010008001 01.png
いざという時、誰かを助けたりできるっていうのはいいじゃない。 Well, it's better to lend someone a hand when they're in a pinch right?
Kemotalk 010010001 05.png
Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
そうであります。今、わたしもカバどのに助けられたでありますし。 Most definitely. Now I've been aided by Ms. Hippo, too.
Kemotalk 010004001 02.png
大したことじゃないわ。気にしないでね。 It was nothing, really; don't mention it.
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