KemoTalk 0004: Bond at the Pond

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Bond at the Pond
KemoTalk ID: 0004
Japanese Title: みずばはなかよく
Implemented: January 26th, 2018
Friends Present: Hippopotamus, Lion
Area: Savanna
Time: Day
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KemoTalk 0004 is titled Bond at the Pond (みずばはなかよく). It is unlocked by an interaction between Hippopotamus and Lion.


Character Japanese English
Kemotalk 010012001 01.png
はぁ〜、水場はおちつくなぁ〜。 Aah~, the pond is so relaxing.
Kemotalk 010004001 08.png
だ〜れ〜? Who~'s the~re?
Kemotalk 010012001 06.png
おおっ! びっくりするなぁ! Whoah! You scared me!
Kemotalk 010004001 01.png
あら〜、ライオン。珍しいわね。 My, if it isn't Lion. This is unusual.
Kemotalk 010012001 02.png
たまには水場にも来てみようかなとおもってねぇ。 Sometimes I just get that itch to go to the pond, y'know?
Kemotalk 010004001 02.png
そう、あまりさわがしくしないのよ。 Certainly. It's quite tranquil here, isn't it.
Kemotalk 010012001 01.png
わたしはゆっくりするだけだよ〜。きみはなわばり大事にするんだねぇ I'm just trying to take it easy~. You take good care of your territory, huh?
Kemotalk 010004001 01.png
あたりまえですわ。まあ、そんなにうるさく言わないから、なかよくしましょう。 Of course. Well I must say I enjoy your manners, let us continue our friendship.
Kemotalk 010012001 07.png
わたしもきみとは争いたくないねぇ〜。 なかよくやろうよ〜。 Yeah, I sure wouldn't want to get into it with you, either. Let's all just get along.
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