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The main story of Kemono Friends 3 consists of four Seasons as of November 2022.

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Season 1 is the story of the player's visit to Japari Park and solving the Alex incident. Captain Arai-san's Diary Quests is the backstory of this season and is closely tied to it.



One day, Player receives a poor letter and goes to Japari Park. JSRT was formed as a countermeasure against the increasing number of Celliens in Japari Park, with Mirai as captain, Serval as vice-captain, and Raccoon and Fennec Fox as members. On this day, the JSRT was defeating Celliens again, but Serval was attacked by Alex and fell down. Meanwhile, Player arrived at Japari Park and, guided by Peach Panther, met Dhole and Meerkat. After making a plan against the Celliens that appeared there, Player was taken to the JSRT headquarters. There, it was revealed that the letter Player was holding was the one Dhole was supposed to have sent to the Friends. Raccoon and Fennec Fox fled to the JSRT headquarters, taking the injured Serval and Mirai with them. There, under the direction of Players, they fought and defeated Celliens, led by Dhole. Seeing how well Dhole and Player worked together, Serval and Mirai appointed Player as the new JSRT captain and Dole as the JSRT vice captain.

Chapter 1

In pursuit of the whereabouts of Alex, who attacked Serval, JSRT came to a restricted area in An'in Region. There, JSRT meets Southern Tamandua who tells her about poachers and rumors of the Friends of Darkness. Furthermore, Bald Eagle from the Japari Park Guard Team, concerned about Southern Tamandua, appears and accompanies them. Later, after running into Lucky Beast, Southern Tamandua suddenly remember that she was with Malayan Tapir and that they were being followed by the Black Friends. It was only then that Southern Tamandua realized that it had been separated from Malayan Tapir. Hearing this, Black Jaguar, a black Friends, appeared. Finally catching up with Malayan Tapir, the JSRT group spotted Black Jaguar. Once JSRT realized that she wanted to make friends with Southern Tamandua and Malayan Tapir, although they had their suspicions, they cooperated with her to defeat Celliens. Black Jaguar became friends with Southern Tamandua and Malayan Tapir, and Bald Eagle was to enter the JSRT.

Meanwhile, in another part of An'in Region, Calenda reported to "Boss" that Alex had disappeared. Then, Blackbuck, Tasmanian Devil, and Australian Devil "BATTEN Japari-Dan" contacted Calenda.

Chapter 2

JSRT followed Alex to the Kyōshū Region. It was the rainy season and the Staff Car got stuck, but was saved by African Bush Elephant and Greater Flamingo; they told us about a fortune teller, Common Ostrich, and we went to see her, but she had already been attacked by Celliens, who had taken her Sparkle away. Meanwhile, Calenda and the three members of the BATTEN Japari-Dan had also come to the Kyōshū Region. JSRT met Chapman's Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, and Black Wildebeest, who had also been attacked by Celliens and robbed of their Sparkle. JSRT chased after the Celliens that attacked them, but could not find it. But then Dhole realizes that the Celliens is in the rain and gives chase. Separately in the process, they met Calenda and BATTEN Japari-Dan and became acquainted with each other. And Blackbuck became a rival to Bald Eagle. Alex himself turned out to have left Kyōshū Region, but he was to defeat Celliens, who had attacked Common Ostrich and her friends. However, African Bush Elephant was taken away by the Cellien attackers. Disappointed, Dhole talked about her dream of creating a large herd and rallied herself. Reunited with Calenda, JSRT was given a map with isobaric lines and finally located the Cellien that had taken the African Bush Elephant and defeated it. And all the stolen Sparkle was returned.

Chapter 3

After receiving a prophecy from Common Ostrich that they should go to the Riukiu Region, the JSRT group returned to the JSRT headquarters. There they meet up with Calenda. Mirai explained that she was a visiting researcher at CARSC. Crossing into the Riukiu Region, JSRT encountered California Sea Lion and Southern Sea Otter, and learned that Celliens come from the sea. At that time, they heard Short-Beaked Common Dolphin's screams and ran to her, where they found the BATTEN Japari-Dan practicing their act with Short-Beaked Common Dolphin. Short-Beaked Common Dolphin tells JSRT that there is a strong Friends named Blue Whale in the Riukiu Region, but Short-Beaked Common Dolphin wonders why there are so many Celliens when she is supposed to be fighting them. After searching for Blue Whale in echolocation, JSRT and Mileka find that Blue Whale is being attacked by Celliens and JSRT and Short-Beaked Common Dolphin go in to help. Blue Whale throws a dinner party in return for JSRT's help. In the process, Short-Beaked Common Dolphin consults with Meerkat about whether or not to join JSRT. In the midst of all this, an earthquake occurs and a large number of more Celliens are also found, and it turns out that Alex is behind it. JSRT asked Blue Whale for a recess, but found that Blue Whale had been weakened by the Celliens, taking away its Sparkle. And from Blue Whale's appearance, it turned out that Alex would also take its memory; JSRT defeated Blue Whale, but Alex got away. Short-Beaked Common Dolphin then tries to enter the JSRT, but is confronted by Blue Whale, and after a duel between the JSRT and Blue Whale, Blue Whale allows Short-Beaked Common Dolphin to enter the JSRT. Later, Northern White-Faced Owl and Eurasian Eagle-Owl of the Japari Park Guard Team arrived and invited JSRT to the Gokoku Region.

Chapter 4

Upon arriving in the Gokoku Region, the JSRT was forced by Northern White-Faced Owl to take an enlistment test for the Japari Park Guard Team. Northern White-Faced Owl said that the test would be conducted to gauge the capabilities of the new JSRTs. When the test began, the JSRT first met Lion, the commander of the Japari Park Guard. Lion understood that the JSRT was in a hurry and agreed to accompany them. First, JSRT battled with "Team Princess Knight," a team of White Rhinoceros and Black Rhinoceros. Next was a battle with "Team Double Sphere", a team of Giant Pangolin and Giant Armadillo. During the test, Lion told Dhole about the advantages of herd and the difficulties of herd. Later, after a battle with "Team Justice", a team of Northern Goshawk and Shoebill, she joined up with "Team Gao Kong", a team of Silver Fox and White Lion, and "Team Most Powerful", a team of Brown Bear, Aye-Aye, and Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey. That evening, Calenda told Dhole that she once had a red dog when she was a child that looked like Dhole. And the dog's name was Flicky, the same name Calenda had given the robot. Meanwhile, Northern White-Faced Owl found the BATTEN Japari-Dan and ordered them to kidnap the Lion so that the JSRT's enlistment test would be more rigorous. However, the BATTEN Japari-Dan kidnapped White Lion in the dark of night. BATTEN Japari-Dan escaped into a tunnel, but inside the tunnel there was a large infestation of Celliens, and the JSRT, in cooperation with the Japari Guard Team, defeated the Celliens and rescued the BATTEN Japari-Dan and White Lion. Later, Dhole won a duel between the Lion and JSRT and became the leader of the Japari Park Guard Team.

Chapter 5

When JSRT arrived in the Nakabe Region, where Alex was likely to be, they met New Zealand Giant Penguin and Royal Penguin, who told them that PIP was missing. When JSRT saw Alex's footprints, they thought it was possible that PIP had followed Alex, so he moved along the footprints; JSRT found the members of PIP, but they had all lost their memories; JSRT saw Alex for the first time where PIP was found, and was amazed at size of Alex. In order to manage the live concert coming up tomorrow, Dhole, Meerkat, and Short-Beaked Common Dolphin became an idol group called Hanamaru Animal, and BATTEN Japari-Dan also became an idol group. Royal Penguin and New Zealand Giant Penguin taught the two groups as instructors. Meanwhile, Lion became suspicious when she saw Calenda talking with "boss". On the day of the live concert performance, PIP's memory still has not returned to normal. After the performances by Royal Penguin, Hanamaru Animals, and BATTEN Japari-Dan, the members of PIP except for Emperor Penguin return to the stage. Emperor Penguin honestly tells her fans that she lost her memory and tries to leave PIP, but Royal Penguin convinces her not to leave. Meanwhile, Calenda saw Alex offstage. She finally realized that she had created Alex.

Chapter 6

JSRT came to Odyssey in the Sankai Region. This is a shopping mall built underground and is where Alex is. The evacuation of the Friends had not yet been completed, and Dromedary and Wild Bactrian Camel were left behind, and Oinari-sama had not returned from their rescue mission. JSRT and the Japari Park security team began a joint operation to rescue them. Tsuchinoko, who had lost her book to Celliens in the Odyssey, hastily accompanied the team as a guide as they proceeded through the Odyssey. JSRT, joined by the newly added African Wild Dog, Team Most Powerful and Team Justice, went deeper into the Odyssey to keep Alex from escaping from the Odyssey. Meanwhile, the BATTEN Japari-Dan was asked by "boss" to deliver the Cellium to Calenda without knowing it. On the way to the Odyssey, they encountered Sand Cat. Sand Cat was trying to get to Odyssey because she had caused Dromedary and Wild Bactrian Camel to be left behind in Odyssey. Eventually, Sand Cat accompanies BATTEN Japari-Dan. Later, Oinari-sama, Dromedary and Wild Bactrian Camel, BATTEN Japari-Dan and Sand Cat joined together in the Odyssey. Oinari-sama escaped the BATTEN Japari-Dan and their friends. Soon after, the BATTEN Japari-Dan and their friends joined up with the JSRT. However, they were split up and only Dhole, the captain, and Calenda were left behind in the Odyssey; the three met the wounded Oinari-sama and worked together. In the midst of all this, Calenda vented her painful heart out to Oinari-sama. Finally, they came up with a way to defeat Alex, which was to use Oinari-sama's last resort. However, when Tsuchinoko's book reacts to the cellulium taken out by the Tasmanian Devil, Celliens is born and injures Calenda. Oinari-sama's last resort was then in vain, and Alex disappeared.

Chapter 7

The JSRT came to the Hokkai Region after being summoned by a letter from the Japari Guard's Northern White-Faced Owl. The letter told us to watch out for white Celliens. The location of Campo Flicker mentioned in the letter was told to us by Arctic Hare JSRT met on the way. When they went to the cabin where they were, they met Nana, Campo Flicker, and the Australian Devil. According to Australian Devil, Blackbuck was with "boss" and the Tasmanian Devil had disappeared. Campo Flicker was asked by Northern White-Faced Owl to find a cave. When JSRT went to the cave, JSRT found the Tasmanian Devil and White Tiger. Tasmanian Devil was apprenticed to White Tiger and was fighting the White Celliens. White Celliens had a habit of parasitizing Celliens and increasing their numbers. To combat these white Celliens, JSRT asked Nana and her friends to gather strong Friends. When JSRT learned that Arctic Hare was acting suspiciously, they followed her and found Calenda, who had escaped from the hospital. Calenda told JSRT the whole story. It turned out that the Cellium was present in Flicky and that "boss" was trying to bring it back to his home country. In order to stop him, JSRT decided to carry out the operation by splitting up into two teams: one to chase the Flicky and the other to take down the white Celliens. Bald Eagle is told by Blackbuck that the park may not be able to open as it is, and Bald Eagle confides her concerns to Nana. Flicky comes to the White Cellien's location, and things get chaotic. Blackbuck leaves to help Tasmanian Devil and Australian Devil, and fights with Bald Eagle. Flicky is then captured by "boss", but Calenda uses emergency commands to get Flicky away.

Chapter 8

Following the fleeing Flicky, JRST set foot into the Hōtoku Region. However, they learn that Alex is moving toward JSRT, and they find themselves being chased by Alex while pursuing Flicky. Meanwhile, Flicky is protected by Black-Headed Ibis. In order to get the Lucky Beast system back from the "boss", Calenda has to meet Kako. Calenda insinuated from Kako that Flicky could have a Sparkle. Then, Alex actually moved toward Flicky's Sparkle. Later, a dangerous hunter cell also appeared and a crisis loomed. JSRT barely manages to secure Flicky, but the boss arrives at the same time. However, Flickie has the Sparkle. The boss then gives up and begins negotiating with Kako. However, a hunter cell appears and injures the captain. They tries to get the captain to the hospital by helicopter, but Hunter Cell is also in the helicopter. The helicopter loses control and heads out of Japari Park. As the Friends was approaching the limit of their ability to keep their form, Dhole used her last ounce of strength to defeat Hunter Cell. However, Dhole lost her Friends form, and Flicky crashed to the ground and was destroyed. Miraculously, Flicky's Sparkle restored Dhole to her Friends form once again. But Dhole had lost her memory.

Chapter 9

Dhole, who had lost her memory, was forced to leave JSRT, but she heard about her former self from the Friends who knew JSRT and returned to JSRT. Meanwhile, Alex begins to make her way toward Park Central. Oinari-sama, Shisa Right, and Shisa Lefty set up wards to protect Park Central. Friends gathered around Park Central. The operation begins, but Cellien attacks the Friends one after another, and their memories are lost. Then Raccoon came and took back the lost memory of Fennec Fox from Alex. Seeing this, the Friends take back the memories one after another. Alex fights back with her hunter cell. Finally, Alex entered Park Central, copied Cellien Queen's information, and deployed a barrier. However, Kako thought that the nature of the Cellien Queen would allow her to destroy the barrier by defeating seven of them. Friends then ripped off the barrier and finally defeated Alex. Dhole's memory and Serval's Sparkle were restored. The Alex incident came to an end and Calenda left Japari Park. But the battle for JSRT continues.

Cellval's Hanging Out

Cellval's Hanging Out is the prologue to Season 2 and the story of the emergence of Rulercell.


Chapter 1

Cellval was assisting with Kako's research at Park Central after the Alex incident. One day, Cellval eats Caracal's Japari Bun and gets angry. On reflection, Cellval went to Peach Panther store with Thomson's Gazelle, but the Japari Bun was already sold out. However, on the condition of finding a four-leaf clover, Cellval was given a Japari Bun. While dozing off while searching for a four-leaf clover, Cellval was taken away by Cellien, and along the way heard a mysterious voice. With the help of Thomson's Gazelle, Cellval defeats Cellien and continues her search for the four-leaf clover. Later, Cellval met Sheep who was good at finding four-leaf clovers and took her to a flower garden with four-leaf clovers while protecting her from Celliens. There, Caracal came to Cellval out of concern, and the two made up. Caracal later gave a gift to Cellval. It was a photograph collected by the Orca. Cellval saw this and set out on his journey.

Chapter 2

Mirai was asked by Kako to check on Cellval while on a research trip. At the beginning of the trip, Mirai met Okapi and they decided to work together. In the savanna of the Kyōshū Region, Cellval encounters Silky Anteater and Reticulated Giraffe, both of which had been in Orca's photo. For a moment, Cellval was mistakenly thought to be Cellien, but the arrival of Arabian Oryx cleared up the misunderstanding. The two were concerned about a monster making strange noises, so Cellval went to the source of the sound and found Crested Ibis. Crested Ibis was looking for sap from the copaiba tree. Then Northern White-Faced Owl and Eurasian Eagle-Owl came and led Cellval and her friends into the jungle of the An'in Region. However, Celliens was there and the copaiba tree had been destroyed. Celliens took one of the trees away, and when they chased after it, they found that it was a trap set by Celliens. After escaping their predicament with Northern White-Faced Owl mission, Cellval and her friends set out for an oasis in the Sankai Region to study Northern White-Faced Owl and to sing the song of Crested Ibis. During its journey, Northern White-Faced Owl recorded the song of Crested Ibis on a boom box, but the boom box had been stolen by the Celliens and the oasis had run out of water. When she reached the water source of the oasis, Cellval found and fought with Rulercell that led the Celliens, but Rulercell seeped into the ground.

Chapter 3

When Cellval and her friends arrive at the site of a sky race in the Hōtoku Region, they find a discouraged Black Leopard. The Gorillaz, led by Western Lowland Gorilla, were unlikely to be able to participate in the Sky Race because their member, Leopard, was out with a cold. So, Cellval and her friends decided to cooperate with the Gorillaz. Seal Brown Horse becomes the coach, and the Gorillaz train specially. Sky Race production, competing against Homemakers, Foxes and Sky Seekers, Gorillaz. However, the arrival of the Bird Cellien disrupts the race. Western Lowland Gorilla was also injured and the Gorillaz had to abstain. The Gorillaz set their new destination as the hot springs of the Hokkai region, where Western Lowland Gorilla heal her wounds, and headed there. But there, too, Rulercell is there to disturb Cellval and her friends. When Cellval crossed fists with Rulercell, the two resonated. Rulercell then seeped into the ground and disappeared.

Chapter 4

Cellval and her friends arrive in the Gokoku Region and are reunited with Margay. Margay invited Adélie Penguin to play the lead role in her next film, but she got away. Then Cellien appears and pushes Cellval and her friends into the sea, but Adélie Penguin saves them. Margay was able to convince Adélie Penguin to participate in the film for a change. However, the cast of the film was absent and a substitute was needed, so Cellval and her friends decided to be in the film as well. Adélie Penguin asked the rest of the cast for acting coaching to make the film better. Finally, the show is on. On the way, Cellval was almost taken away by Rulercell, but Adélie Penguin brought him back. After the preview, Cellval and her team headed to the Japari Night Market.

Chapter 5

Cellval and her friends come to the Japari Night Market where the Japari Festival is held. The Japari Night Market was also a gathering place for the Friends that Cellval had met in her travels so far. Then They heard Mirai's screams and rushed over to find that she had been stripped of her Sparkle by Rulercell. Cellval and her friends carry Mirai to a rest area, but when they take their eyes off her, she disappears. At the same time, various Friends disappeared. Cellval felt that the Mystery House was the cause, and Cellval jumped into the Mystery House. At the back of the Mystery House, Rulercell was waiting. For a moment, Cellval was almost taken in by Rulercell, but he reversed the situation, copied Rulercell, and defeated Rulercell. Then, Cellval returned to Caracal.

Season 2

Season 2 is about the battles against Rulercell, Cellien Queen, and Daiou Cellien, as well as about Kako's past.


Chapter 0

JSRT is requested by Kako to exterminate Celliens in the Anyo Region. Cellval then sees the images sent to Kako and learns about Dhole and JSRT; JSRT has a newly deployed Mary who looks like Flicky, and Calenda has returned to Japari Park.

Chapter 1

At the JSRT headquarters, a welcome party was held for Calenda. Calenda had left CARSC and was now affiliated with Japari Park. Cellval wrote to the JSRT captain and Dhole asking them to be her friends. JSRT's next task was to investigate the Japari Museum, which exists in the Odyssey's basement; JSRT was suddenly divided within the Japari Museum. The captain, Mary, and Meerkat encounter Large-Billed Crow in the Japari Museum. She had taken up residence in the Japari Museum, but was unable to escape when the ventilation fan was reactivated. With Large-Billed Crow safely out of the way, JSRT becomes one again. After Kako thought about it, she realized that Rulercell, which had also been found in the Anyo Region, was the true identity of the wall that had divided them, and JSRT rushed to escape. The JSRT join the Japari Park Guard Team and the Japari Park Extermination Team to regroup and re-enter the Odyssey. The JSRT beat Celliens, but Rulercell was able to escape through the water supply. Finally, Dhole meets Cellval.

Chapter 2

JSRT's next task was to exterminate Celliens in the Rikuhoku Region. However, it is discovered that Mirai did not close the entrance door to the off-limits area during the preceding investigation. Meanwhile, the Adult League Exploration Party of Geoffroy's Cat and Harp Seal had set foot in a no-go area in the Rikuhoku region. JSRT pursues the Adult League Exploration Party while being suspicious of the mysterious voice echoing through the Rikuhoku region. Nana, who knew the old days of the Rikuhoku region, was called in, and it was revealed that there was one Friends left in the Rikuhoku region to evacuate Friends and humans on the day the area became off-limits. The JSRT was also informed of the presence of a stranded vessel offshore. After rescuing the Adult League Exploration Party, JSRT finally comes face to face with Chicken, the mysterious voice. Chicken had been warning of the dangers of the Rikuhoku region without seeing anyone ever since the region was declared off-limits. The JSRT headed for the stranded ship, and Chicken and Adult League Exploration Party, who joined Nana, see the same mysterious Celliens. At the same time, in the Kyōshū Region, Calenda and BATTEN Japari-Dan had seen Rulercell.

Chapter 3

The Friends who once solved the Queen's incident joined JSRT and headed for the Kyōshū Region where Rulercell was located. Meanwhile, the White Serval was to look at the records of the Queen's incident. After reaching Rulercell, Cellval, with the support of JSRT and their friends, resonates with Rulercell again. As a result of analyzing the data from that event, it was discovered that the Rulercell was created by the image that Cellval had of water. Later, when it is discovered that Rulercell is among the Queen's room destroyed in the Kyōshū Region, JSRT, Cellval and her friends take up the fight. Cellval had been defeated by Rulercell. Cellval got up, but Cellval attacked Dhole.


Season 3 will be about Hikari, the first long-term guest to arrive at Japari Park.

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