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In events with Event Currency, there's a low chance for a 5x Payout of event currency when completing a stage.


Japari Park Off-limit Area.Blockade Lifted (ジャパリパーク立ち入り禁止区域・解除開始) or simply, Raid Events, are an event type that coincide with the release of a new Friend where players work together to clear stages to unlock the Bonus Stage every day. There are four stages of varying difficulty for each of the six types of Friend. All players, regardless of participation in the event, receive certain rewards when each milestone is cleared for each type. Once all six types are fully cleared, the Bonus Stage will open for the day. Occasionally, stages will be blocked by hard bosses that must be defeated or challenged a specific number of times by players to clear the block and allow progress in the event to be made again. The stages and Bonus Stage drop raid coins that can be used in the event shop. The event shop features Silver Fox Potions that can be used to get an extra attempt at the Bonus Stage (up to 10 times per day). The Bonus Stage drops a variety of rare materials and items upon completion. Each hour players who earn the most raid coins are displayed on a leaderboard for each specific type where the coins were earned.


Scenario Events are story events which coincide with the addition of a new Friend featured in the event story. They have two types of event currency.


Map Events feature a large story which is unlocked over a two-week period, and have the main draws of offering a Four Gods' Orb, a themed rug Furniture, and a Guaranteed 4-Star invite ticket for a special banner which features a large quantity of limited Friends. They coincide with the release of a new Friend or sometimes multiple Friends which are prominently featured in the story. Map events have two currency types. Map events have three types of stages - story stages, bronze key stages, and gold key stages. Bronze key stages must be unlocked using a Bronze Key which can be bought in the event shop using currency obtained from completing story stages and golden key stages. Bronze key stages drop a currency which is used to buy golden keys in the event shop to unlock golden key stages, which can drop both event currencies as well as Rare materials and other things like treehouse battery embers. Bronze and golden key stages can be done once-per-day unless additional keys are consumed (up to 3 extra times per bronze key stage and 1 extra time per golden key stage).

Wild Release 5

Wild Release Challenge aka Wild Release 5 event banner.

Wild Release Challenge (野生大解放チャレンジ), or simply Wild Release 5 Events, coincide with a solo-rerun banner for the featured Friend whose max Wild Release level is raised to 5. These events have four stages which are fought against a team of 5 Friends, of the type which the WR5 Event's featured Friend has a type advantage against. The Featured Friend also receives significant stat boosts when used in the event. Clearing stages drops Star Beast Stamps used in the event shop. The event shop features the upgrade materials needed for the Friend's WR5, including the SR materials and the Friend's WR5 bottle item, as well as Small Augites for the Friend.

Auto PVP

Special Training aka Auto PVP event banner.

Special Training (とくべつくんれん), or simply Auto PVP, is an event type which is similar to PVP but the player's team is controlled by the computer. Like PVP, uses the 9 stamina system. Captain Skills are not used in this mode but instead replaced with a set of similar skills that are automatically activated under certain conditions and can be chosen in the player's team composition menu. Two important factors about Auto PVP are the 10 turn limit, which if reached ends the battle with the team that dealt more damage being the winner, and the use of the Plasm stats of the Friends on the team to determine which team goes first in battle, with the team having higher total Plasm going first. Winning battles drops Auto PVP medals used in the event shop. The event shop is the sole source of the Memos needed for upgrading Captain Skills. Auto PVP features a ranking system like PVP and awards Auto PVP medals and Kirakira when ranking up.

Training Arc

Training Arc event banner.

Physical Fitness Test (体力測定), or simply Training Arc Events, are accompanied by the debut of a new Friend to the game which is feature prominently in its story missions. Each event has also been accompanied by the raising of the star cap for a free Friend to 6 stars. These events run for two weeks. At the start of the event and the second week, the player is prompted to choose a Friend to receive a significant boost to battle XP gained from the five EXP grinding stages in the event. The Friend featured in the event and the free Friend also receive large EXP bonuses as well as significant stat multipliers when used in the event. There is a once-per-day stage in these events. During the second week, another stage becomes available with a strong boss designed for players with very strong Friends to challenge. The Training Arc stages drop event currency which can be spent in the event shop - the main draw being the large quantity of Small Augites available (250).

Cellien Cleanup

Cellien Cleanup event banner.

Cellien Cleanup (セルリアン大掃除) stages and missions give tickets which are used on a special Gacha Banner only available for a limited time around the event. These events typically run for one week. Aside from 3-Flagging each stage and completing missions, these events feature two once-per-day stages which each drop 25 tickets. The banner has a "Box" system which has a set number of rewards that are exhausted from the box's stock when they are obtained from the banner. Two boxes exist, one that features Large Augites for free Friends and Monthly Shop 4 Star Friends, as well as a box which features upgrade materials. Switching between these boxes will refill them. A single pull takes 5 tickets and a 10 pull takes 50 tickets. Normally, 900 tickets are available in total, or enough to pull 18 times and clear out a box without switching.

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