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Jinri Gallery


Character Data
Chinese Name: 今日
Pinyin: Jinri
Japanese Name: ?
Romanised Name: Kyou
First Featured in: Kemono Friends Kingdom
Voice By: N/A
Gender: Female
Occupation: Child
Status: Alive

Jinri is a human character in the world of Kemono Friends who serves as the human protagonist of the Kemono Friends Kingdom mobile game. An evident amnesiac, she wakes up drowning in Kingdom's Silent River with no clue who or where she is. After being rescued by Chevrotain and Least Weasel, who happened to be passing by, Jinri sets out on a journey with her new companions to pursue her lost memories, meeting a wide array of Friends along the way.


Jinri is a small girl with short brown hair, which features pink ends in some official art. Her bangs are swept to her left, and her hairstyle is generally somewhat messy. Her eyes are a blue-green color.

She sports a white collared button-up blouse with short puffy sleeves, worn under a pink dress which features a tied bow in the back and white ruffles at its bottom hem. On her head, she wears a thin white hairband adorned with a pink flower decoration; tucked under the headband are a pair of feathers, one red-orange and one blue-green. She also wears short, bulky white socks and brown slip-on shoes.


Jinri is a clever and kindly young girl with a strong will and a logical mindset.

Although Jinri has a generally positive demeanor, her amnesia weighs on her greatly; being unable to remember such details as her own favourite food or color is taxing on her mental state. She is additionally insecure about her stamina and physique, the likes of which are relatively poor compared to that of the highly athletic Friends found all around Kingdom.

Role in the Plot

Jinri serves as the human protagonist of Kemono Friends Kingdom; the game follows her exploits from her own point of view, and she occasionally acts as a narrator.


Chevrotain and Least Weasel

Chevrotain and Least Weasel are Jinri's travelling partners. They saved her from drowning in the Silent River and have been her good friends and companions ever since, journeying by her side as she crosses Kingdom and attempts to regain her memories.

Jinri's Lucky Beast Escort

Shortly after waking up in Kingdom, Jinri trips over a deactivated Lucky Beast while fleeing from Celliens with Chevrotain and Least Weasel. When the curious girl touches its belly, the robot promptly springs to life and greets her before detecting the nearby Celliens and directing Jinri to a nearby Patrol Plane, which she is able to use alongside her accompanying Friends to destroy the attackers. This Lucky Beast goes on to serve as an escort and navigator for Jinri, providing information about Kingdom and its Friends wherever it is able.

King Cheetah

When King Cheetah first meets Jinri, she challenges her to a footrace. When Celliens launch an attack during the final stretch of the event, Jinri rescues King Cheetah from an enemy she is unable to defend herself from, due to being extremely dizzy from one of the challenges set out in the race. Following this, King Cheetah concedes the race and befriends Jinri and her comrades, deciding to accompany them on their trek to the desert area with the goal of meeting King Cobra and learning how to become a king. She parts ways with Jinri's group after becoming King Cobra's disciple, staying behind at the Desert Castle as the party moves on.


Jinri and Mouflon team up to investigate odd occurrences around Kingdom on several occasions, working together to locate the source of a frightening noise in the mountains and to explain strange behaviour exhibited by Northern White-Faced Owl and Eurasian Eagle-Owl around the Library.

Comments Board

Jinri happily helps Friends who seek assistance through the Comments Board, a public notice board where anyone can post about their troubles and get the aid of a reader. An expanding list of the many Friends Jinri has interacted with through the Comments Board, and further links to transcripts of the exploits they engaged in together, can be found here.

Event Stories

Kemono Friends Kingdom has featured numerous in-game events introducing stories wherein Jinri encounters, adventures alongside, and gets to know various Friends. A list of these events can be found here, and details about their stories can be found on the respective event pages.


  • Although her established travelling partners are Weasel and Chevrotain, promotional material and official artwork frequently depicts Jinri in a quartet alongside Least Weasel, Serval, and Crested Ibis, with Chevrotain absent.
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