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A basket of Japari Buns as they appear in Kemono Friends Pavilion.

Japari Buns (Japanese: ジャパリまんじゅう Hepburn: Japari Manjū) are a food item found in Japari Park. Japari Buns are a form of Manjū that were at one point provided as a food option for both park visitors and Friends alike, and later became the primary form of sustenance for Friends after the Cellien invasion left Friends isolated from humanity.


Japari Buns are a small pastry adorned with the Japari Park logo and a ring of dotted lines bordering the logo. The pastries are often colorful, with the primary color of the pastry on the top half and a lighter shade of said color making up the bottom half. Japari Buns are made with nutrition in mind, and are able to fulfill all the nutritional needs of Friends regardless of dietary habits. They also come in a variety of flavors, including ramune, carrot, chocolate, curry, and even odd flavors, such as roses. It is also shown that roasting Japari Buns is practiced, as it was suggested by Mirai in Arctic Hare's Character Quest. Despite this, it seems as if Friends will prefer Japari Buns that are flavored to their diet as an animal. This is demonstrated in European Hare's Character Quest in the Nexon Game, where Serval instantly became hesitant to eat a limited-supply bun upon learning that it is carrot flavored, despite her initial excitement. However, it seems as if the vast majority of Japari Buns are suited to the tastes of all Friends, as they are frequently shared between Friends with little difficulty or fuss over flavor or content. In addition, the Buns can be eaten by Celliens, as displayed when Cellval was discovered to have stolen Caracal's Bun in the main story of the Nexon Game.

In Kemono Friends Pavilion, the Buns are a major focus of many of the KemoTalks in the game, and are used during gameplay to attract Friends to the player's Pavilion. The Buns have even been known to prompt Friends to burst into song. However, despite their popularity with Friends, Japari Buns have not always been such a major facet of the dietary plans of Friends. The first-generation incarnation of Ezo Red Fox was fond of meat buns rather than the pastries that her successors would be fond of, and there is no evidence that Japari Buns existed at all in early Japari Park, as their first appearance was in the Nexon Game. However, it is known that by the time of the game, their popularity had grown to the point that they were a meal staple for Friends, and by the time of the anime, with no other options left for food, the Buns became the most important food source in the Kyōshū Region.

At this point, the Lucky Beasts became instrumental in the survival of Friends in the region, as the lack of humans and the loss of the ability to cook or prepare foods made it impossible to prepare anything that served the needs of the Friends quite as well as a Japari Bun did. The part of the island where the Japari Buns are made is very closely protected, and it can be assumed the same is true for all Japari Bun manufacture sites. In the Kyōshū Region, the Buns are made in a lake area, with an island in the middle. During the audio drama, the third generation of PPP infiltrated the area to find Buns for Kaban's upcoming journey, and were quickly swarmed by potentially hundreds of Lucky Beasts protecting the supply. Curiously, it is noted that the Lucky Beasts were throwing the Buns onto a tree of some kind, presumably for storage, though the nature of this tree is left ambiguous.

In Real Life

Cheese Curry and Chocolate with Rum Japari Buns sold at Family Mart.

Japari Buns have also been used promotionally by the Kemono Friends Project, with Bun-themed food being a staple of Kemono Friends promotions at eateries, and real-life Japari Bun themed manjū being sold at Family Mart locations for a limited time period. In addition, the buns are common accessories for Kemono Friends merchandise, such as the Nendoroid Serval figures coming with a Japari Bun part for those who pre-ordered from the Good Smile Online Shop, and another Bun part being included with all Nendoroid Japanese Crested Ibis figures.


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