Japari Museum (Location)

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Japari Museum (Location)


Location Data
Debut Stage Play "Kemono Friends"
Regions Kyōshū Region, Sankai Region
Location Type Building
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This article is about Japari Museum, a location in Japari Park. You may be looking for a song by the same name, Japari Museum, or a photo from Kemono Friends 3, Japari Museum (Photo).

The Japari Museum (Japanese:ジャパリ博物館 Hepburn:Japari Hakubutsukan) is an institution located in Japari Park. It appeared in the stage play and Kemono Friends 3.


Stage Play "Kemono Friends"

Japari Museum is an institution located in the Kyōshū Region. Although it is called a museum, it was actually a warehouse used by humans. It is managed primarily by Woolly Mammoth and Black Leopard, and is often visited by Okapi and other Friends. A large amount of junk is stored, among which there is a mixture of boom boxes and video films. Also stored in the shed are panels of okapi and white tiger, as well as a sign for a hot spring.



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