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Japari Line is Japari Park's monorail transportation system. While the park was open, both visitors and staff used it, but the Friends of Generation ? are also capable of using it.

Guidebook concept drawings.


The Japari Line is a monorail system that allows ease of movement through the various areas of Japari Park. Not only was it used by enthusiast visitors looking to see all the areas and Friends of the park but it also served as a way to travel between research facilities and staff quarters for park staff. In Generation ?, they remain operational assuming Friends are able to figure out how to open the doors and enter them.

A Type-I Conductor Lucky Beast is responsible for operating the train and interacting with passengers. The train shares many aspects with the Japari Bus, including being constructed of the same parts to make operation cheaper, running on solar-powered batteries, and coming in a variety of different animal-inspired designs. A max speed of 30 kilometers per hour is possible, though they tend to operate at slower speeds to not disturb the animals residing in the park. In dire situations, the limiters can be turned off to enable a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour, at the cost of damaging the train. The max capacity is 19 passengers. The train functions on a self-propulsion system in conjunction with electrified rails, and has two cars. It also features a brake light for emergencies and is air-conditioned. The headlights are separated into multiple parts by vertical slits, giving them the appearance of cat eyes.

The Savanna Japari Line station in Kemono Friends 2.

Each station of the Japari Line is designed after animals from the surrounding area, and the trains from the station are themed similarly. These stations are still functional in Generation ?, as can be seen when a digital screen is turned on by the use of the turnstile in Episode 1.

In Kemono Friends 2

Kyururu, Serval and Caracal make use of the Japari Line in Episodes 1, 2, 3, and 4. They travel from the Savanna to Azua Park, from Azua Park to Marine Life Park, and from Marine Life Park to South Maerica Park. Destroyed rails force the train to a stop and the trio to disembark. The Lucky Beast which drives the Train in these Episodes is an Upgraded Conductor type.

In Kemono Friends Pavilion

A model of the train's front car appears as a Plaything in the game, liked by Eastern Spot-Billed Duck, Giant Panda, Serval, and Caracal.

In Kemono Friends 3

In Main Story Season 2 Chapter 5, it's revealed that the Japari Line is not yet operational and needs further testing, evidenced by the station's interior being covered in tarps. Kako had been waiting for an opportunity to test it with a Friend on board, and White Serval decides to help her. She also wants to give the Type-I Conductor Lucky Beast she developed a trial run, which Nana had asked her to make and provided the "Conductor" name for. This is the Original Conductor type, as the version seen in Kemono Friends 2 is the Upgraded Conductor type.


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