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Welcome to the Japari Network main hub. This page exists to document the various websites, communities and other resources affiliated with our wiki.


Affiliate links

  • "Japari Park" Discord server – Discord community for all things Kemono Friends, and the base of operations for wiki collaboration and direct discussion. Owned and moderated by the Subreddit linked below. The #japari-network channel on the server contains numerous links to emote servers for Discord Nitro™ users that love Kemono Friends.
  • Kemono Friends Subreddit – Subreddit dedicated to Kemono Friends. We work closely together! (So closely that we're run by many of the same people!)
  • でぃすこーどちほー – "Discord Chiho", a Japanese Discord community for Kemono Friends.
  • KemoFre Fight! English Discord – A Discord server for the unofficial Kemono Friends fighting game, KemoFre Fight!.
  • CyTube Room: "Japari Park" – A video streaming room and chat where we host our community broadcast events, including but not limited to rewatches of the Kemono Friends anime.