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Japanese Black Bear

Japanese Black BearKingdom.png


Japanese BlackBearKingdomAwakened.png

Friend Data
Voiced by:
古里纱希 Furusato Saki
KFKWonder.png Wonder
KFK Attacker.png Assaulter
Attack Type:
Single-Target Melee
May 31, 2022 (Launch)
ID #:
Japanese Black Bear Anime Festival Pavilion Kingdom Nexon Game Gallery

Japanese Black Bear is a Friend that appears in Kemono Friends Kingdom.


“My favorite thing to do is watch the moon on a quiet night.”
Japanese Black Bear's profile


Japanese English
? I am Japanese Black Bear. I like night best, because I get to enjoy the moon in silence.

Role in the Plot

Treasures Beyond the Horizon

Japanese Black Bear has a minor appearance in the Treasures Beyond the Horizon event story, being one of the Friends to scale the mountaintop in search of the alleged bounty.


Friend Stats
Base Max Base Max
HP 815 4343 PATK 196 1053
PDEF 153 761 SATK 58 291
SDEF 163 809 Speed 68 68
Breakthrough1.png Breakthrough2.png Breakthrough3.png Breakthrough4.png Breakthrough5.png
Kemono Miracle Level +2 Furious Pounce I

While Powering Up, taking damage grants Fury. At 7 stacks of Fury, using a Miracle deals 4.4% Miracle DMG 1 more time (the effect cannot stack).

COMBO Effect +14% Self Radiant Advantage Multiplier +10% Furious Pounce II

While Powering Up, taking damage grants Fury. At 5 stacks of Fury, using a Miracle deals 12.1% Miracle DMG 1 more time (the effect cannot stack).

Radiant Effect
Awaken Tier 1: Self Radiant Advantage Bonus +2.1%

Awaken Tier 2: Self Radiant Advantage Bonus +8.4%

Meat Tank Incoming!
Japanese Black Bear slowly taps on her hammer and starts Powering Up to instantly get 35 Leaves. At the end of a round, +5 Leaves. Each Leaf increases the Miracle DMG Multiplier by +28%.

Use the Miracle one more time to deal PDMG equal to 110% PATK to an enemy unit.

Awaken Tier 1: When Powering Up, there is a 5% chance to get +10 Leaves.

(Note: At Awaken Tier 2, the chance to get +10 leaves increases to 10%.)

Lucky Recklessness
Brilliant Finale
While Powering Up, Japanese Black Bear receives +20% healing. If the healing overflows, gains +1% ATK, stacking up to 10 times. While Powering Up, upon taking a hit, there is a 50% chance to reduce the attacker's DEF by 31 for 7 rounds, stacking up to 5 times. N/A
Nature Skill Forest Obstructor Lv.1/2
Wind Turbine Production Rate +1%/+1.5%
Combo Training in the Moonlight
KFKGoldenMonkeyCombo.png KFKBlackBearCombo.png

Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey, Japanese Black Bear

All Friends' ATK +3% for 7 rounds. Friends that have joined the battle upon activation gain extra +14% ATK for 7 rounds.
Special Attributes
KFK Power Up.pngPowering Up: Stops attacking. Gains +70% RES for 7 rounds. At the end of each round, Miracle DMG Multiplier is increased, but RES -20%.


Although Japanese Black Bear competes for the role of Wonder-Radiance Power-Up Assault Friend with much stronger options such as Lion and Scarlet Macaw, and is generally unable to perform on par with their damage output and stamina, she does have an edge: her Combo with Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey, who is an extremely adept supporting Friend for Leaf-centric teams, gives her a degree of viability. This makes her Japanese Black Bear a very powerful option in the early game, being one of the strongest offensively-oriented 4-Star Friends when supported by Golden Snub-Nosd Monkey.

As a player progresses, Japanese Black Bear is almost entirely outclassed by the aforementioned Scarlet Macaw, who has a Combo with the powerful Caracal, whose supportive Miracle effect has great synergy with Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey's. In turn, Scarlet Macaw can struggle to match the performance of Friends such as Mountain Hare, leaving no room for Japanese Black Bear in the scheme of later stages of gameplay.



Bugs and Issues

  • At the time of the game's launch, Japanese Black Bear was erroneously referred to as Asian Black Bear in translated text, even though her voice-acted dialogue correctly referred to her as Japanese Black Bear. While the Japanese black bear is a subspecies of the Asian black bear, it is not quite correct to refer to it as such instead of the subspecies' name, nor is it the Kemono Friends character's name. This issue was fixed in a September 2023 patch, where all instances of "Asian Black Bear" were changed to read "Japanese Black Bear".

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