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Friend Data
Voiced by:
津田美波 Tsuda Minami
Active Active (App)
Courage Courage (Planet Tours)
September 24th, 2019 (App)
ID #:
Jaguar Anime Season 2 Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion​ (Gen 2)​ KF3 Nexon Game
For voice lines, see Jaguar/KF3/Voice.

Jaguar is a Friend in Kemono Friends 3 that appears in both versions of the game.


Kemono Friends 3

App Stats
Base Max Stat Base Max
Status 5534 47808 Stamina 2048 17687
Attack 985 8515 Defense 470 4057
Evasion 5.0% 6.0% Plasm 40
Action! Multiplier +0.0% +5.0% Try!! Multiplier +0.0% +5.0%
Beat!!! Multiplier +0.0% +6.0% Miracle+ Flag KF3Beat.png
Order Flags
KF3Beat.png KF3Beat.png Action15.png TryLow.png TryMiddle.png
Kemono Miracle Jaguar Disillusioned Fist

Deal 429% damage to one enemy. High chance on Carefree Carefree enemies to inflict -32% evasion for 2 turns.

Deal 468% damage to one enemy. High chance on Carefree Carefree enemies to inflict -33% evasion for 2 turns.

Deal 507% damage to one enemy. High chance High chance on Carefree Carefree enemies to inflict -35% evasion for 2 turns.


Deal 546% damage to one enemy. High chance High chance on Carefree Carefree enemies to inflict -36% evasion for 2 turns.

Beat!!! Ability Double Claw
Deal 60% damage twice to one enemy.
Standby Skill Preparation for Battle
+10% damage for 2 turns.

Activation chance: 100%
Charges: ∞

Unique Trait Combat-ready
+7% damage.

At nighttime, Jaguar can benefit from Try boosts twice in one turn.

Miracle Trait "一突きのために"
Increase damage dealt by 10%, and increase accuracy by 15%.


Jaguar is the quintessential beatstick, possessing little utility apart from the ability to do extreme damage to Carefree Carefree enemies. However, the simplicity of her kit means she will generally always be useful without the need to rely on specific circumstances, such as countering status ailments or inflicting/benefiting from inflicting them.

She is a prime choice against evasive enemies such as Tail Cells, due to her innate accuracy bonus/evasion debuff combined with her strong damage, ensuring that their larger-than-average health bars will disappear either immediately or when followed up by her teammates. Her passive, while not game-changing, is a nonetheless guaranteed attack buff that gives players leg room to not use her for a turn (when you can't include her in a chorus, for example). The only notably situation aspect of Jaguar's kit is the nighttime plasm charge boost; however, while nice to have, it is not required for her to deal the damage she needs to do to be useful.

Jaguar benefits most from the usual top-tier photos; Captaaain!, Charismatic Hairdresser Suri Alpaca and Because I'm The Strongest! give her much-needed survivability in order to leverage her attack power for longer. This can be rounded out with a photo that gives resistance to hard CC (stun/sleep, whichever one you know is coming). She works best with Friends that add more Action flags to the deck, as well as Friends who can draw aggro or tank for her.

In PvP, be sure to use Jaguar to attack evasive characters such as Tsuchinoko and low-health Giant Penguins in order to minimise the RNG-based annoyance they can pose to your team. She is counterpicked by Sand Cat, whose type advantage offsets Jaguar's usefulness against the former's high Evasion.

Kemono Friends 3: Planet Tours

Planet Tours Stats
SR Stamina: 82 SR Attack: 100
SSR Stamina: 90 SSR Attack: 110
Effective Time: Night Effective Area: Jungle


Profile Character Icons
 ? Icon chara 0007.png Icon chara 0007 02.png Icon chara 0007 03.png Icon chara 0007 04.png
Name Costume How to Obtain Name Costume How to Obtain
Default Icon dressup 70070.png Default Tracksuit Icon dressup 70071.png Default
Park Staff Icon dressup 70072.png Default Maid Icon dressup 70073.png Reach 5 Stars
Personal Fashion Icon dressup 70074.png Reach 6 Stars Japanese Armor Icon dressup 70075.png Purchasable in the stylish medal shop
Party Dress Icon dressup 70079.png Increase Photo Pocket level to 12

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