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Character Data
AKA Jack o'Lantern
Romaji Jakku ō rantan
Debut ?
Cryptid Data
Classification ?
Origin English/Irish
F.R.A. Unknown
Based On Pumpkin
Read More Jack-o'-lantern
Conservation Uma label.png
Jack-o'-Lantern Pavilion KF3 Gallery

Jack-o'-Lantern is a type of Friend that was first revealed on Twitter, and currently appears in Kemono Friends Pavilion and Kemono Friends 3.


Jack O' Lantern wears a pumpkin hat with two Jack O' Lantern-like carved eyes, the left eye glows red. She has large eyebrows, emerald colored eyes, and 2 fangs. Her long hair is yellow, and fades to a green color. There are also many leaves on her hair. She has a orange bowtie. She wears a sleeveless top, covered by a green and black vest. She has puffy shorts, that depict a face similar to a Jack O Lantern. Jack O' Lantern also wears white gloves, and white tights, alongside orange shoes.

Series Appearances

Appearances In Kemono Friends Media
Media Role


A Jack-O'-Lantern is based on the Legend of Jack, a tale about a drunkard named Jack, who tricked Satan multiple times, and was unable to enter Heaven or the Underworld due to his actions. He was given a flame from the underworld to warn others of his mistake. Jack put the flame into a carved turnip and is now said to wander the Earth. People carved their own turnips and potatoes to scare away Jack's spirit along with other evil spirits. Later, the pumpkin was discovered as a better and easier alternative for carving.


  • One of the first Western UMAs, alongside Cerberus
  • Jack O' Lantern is commonly depicted with candy

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