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Character Data
Also known as: Jack o'Lantern
Japanese Name: ジャック・オー・ランタン
Romanised Name: Jack O Lantern
First Featured in:  ?
Cryptid Data
Classification:  ?
Cultural Origin: English/Irish
First Recorded Appearance: Unknown
Animal Based On: Pumpkin
Read More: Jack-o'-lantern
Conservation Status: Uma label.png
Jack-o'-Lantern Pavilion KF3

Jack-o'-Lantern is a type of Friend that was first revealed on Twitter, and currently appears in Kemono Friends Pavilion amd Kemono Friends 3.


Cute like a pumpkin

Long Yellow and Green Hair


A Jack-O'-Lantern is based on the Legend of Jack, a tale about a drunkard named Jack, who tricked Satan multiple times, and was unable to enter Heaven or the Underworld due to his actions. He was given a flame from the underworld to warn others of his mistake. Jack put the flame into a carved turnip and is now said to wander the Earth. People carved their own turnips and potatoes to scare away Jack's spirit along with other evil spirits. Later, the pumpkin was discovered as a better and easier alternative for carving.


  • One of the first Western UMAs, alongside Cerberus
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