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Friend Data
Debut Chapter 18
Chapter(s) Chapter 18
Associates Raccoon
Occupation Japari Park Tourism Ambassador
Indian Peafowl Anime Manga Festival Pavilion KF3 Kingdom Nexon Game Gallery

An Indian Peafowl Friend referred to as simply Peafowl appears in chapter 18 of the Kemono Friends Manga. In her only appearance, she was the was the front-runner of the Friends Tourism Ambassador election and went on to defeat her only competitor Raccoon, in a landslide victory.


Peafowl has been described by other characters as "Incredibly smart, and [is] both respected and popular to boot", "Dazzling" and "Practically a princess— a popular, perfect, refined lady". Despite this perception of her as a refined woman, Peafowl revealed herself to have an interest in eating Raccoon's questionable Original Super-Heavy Specialty Dish made up of honey, meat buns, and pap mixed together. As a result, she was described by the chapter narrator as "Beautiful on the outside but quite bizarre on the inside".

Role in the Plot

When Raccoon decides that she wants to run in the latest Friends Tourism Ambassador election to further her ambitions of eventually becoming the Park Director, Nana brings up the front-runner candidate, Peafowl. She has already been campaigning for the position and had over 80% support when Nana checked the Japari Park webpage on the election. Nana warns Raccoon that Peafowl is well respected and popular, and that she will be difficult to defeat in the election.

Raccoon's determination does not waver and she calls a meeting with Ezo Red Fox and Koala to help her form a plan to win the election. Ezo Red Fox bluntly dismisses her as having "No chance" and describes Peafowl as "Practically a princess" where as Raccoon is "A plain, boring, ditzy tomboy". Koala contributes an idea for Raccoon to say something "Unexpected and amazing" when she gives her election speech, and adds that she should say that "Everyone can eat as much pap as they want" if she wins. Ezo Red Fox objects and suggests meat buns be made all-you-can-eat instead. Raccoon decides to just make each of them all-you-can-eat, including her choice of food, honey.

Peafowl reveals herself as the other vote.

Peafowl makes her first actual appearance of the chapter at the venue of the Friends Tourism Ambassador election speeches. She gives her speech first, and while she does, attention shifts to Golden Snub-nosed Monkey and Nana as the monkey questions Peafowl's lack of flying ability. Raccoon's then takes the podium and delivers a speech where she promises to give out her Original Super-Heavy Specialty Dish and turn it into a signature dish of Japari Park. She explains further that the dish is simply honey, meat buns, and pap mixed together and that it is a symbolic gesture representing everyone coming together to be friends.

When the election results come in, Nana announces that Raccoon overwhelmingly lost, winning only 2 votes out of the 202 cast. Both Ezo Red Fox and Koala admit to not voting for her, much to Raccoon's displeasure. Realizing that she received a vote from someone besides herself, Raccoon wonders who it was. Peafowl then joins them, revealing herself to have been that other vote. She explains that imagining Raccoon's Original Super-Heavy Specialty Dish made her very hungry and that she wants to try it. Peafowl then invites Raccoon to work with her and "Liven up Japari Park with your special dish". Raccoon thanks Peafowl, but falls silent.



Peafowl and Raccoon begin their relationship as rival candidates in the Friends Tourism Ambassador election, but the two don't meet until the day of the election speeches. Though Peafowl comfortably defeats Raccoon in the vote, listening to Raccoon speak about her Original Super-Heavy Specialty Dish piqued Peafowl's interest enough to later invite Raccoon to work with her to promote the dish around Japari Park. Their relationship is not explored further than this, so it is not known if Raccoon accepted the offer.

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