Hello Kitty Serval

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Hello Kitty Serval

Hello Kitty ServalOriginal.png

Character Data
Romaji Kiti Sābaru
Debut Kemono Friends 3
Collaboration Data
Classification Mascot
Species Japanese bobtail and serval
Read More Hello Kitty
Conservation Uma label.png
Hello Kitty Serval KF3

Hello Kitty Serval is a collab Friend that appeared in a collaboration event in Kemono Friends 3.


Hello Mimmy Serval is a feline Friend bearing a resemblance to Serval and other related Friends. She has dark gray eyes, short blonde hair, and three large cat whiskers on each side of her head. At the top of her head, her hair has a white gradient and two tall white cat ears. In the rear she sports a yellow and white cat tail with brown stripes and a red gradient at its tip.

She wears a puffy-sleeved red blouse under a blue overall-style dress with white ruffles at its hem, white buttons, and a cross-crossed cord in front. She has knee-high yellow socks with gray spots, and white shoes with yellow bows. She accessorizes with a large red bow on her right ear, a yellow and gradient white bow with brown spots around her neck, and white mittens adorned with small red bows. On her back, she has a very large white bow.

Series Appearances

Appearances In Kemono Friends Media
Media Role
2019Kemono Friends 3 Minor character, obtainable

In the Source Material

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