Hanamaru Animal

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Hanamaru Animal

Hanamaru Animal.png

Members: Dhole (Izumi Fūka)

Meerkat (Yanagihara Kanako)

Short-Beaked Common Dolphin (Haruka Fushimi)

Genre: J-pop
Years: 2019 - present
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Hanamaru Animal (Japanese: はなまるアニマル, Hepburn: Hanamaru Animaru, English: Flower Circle Animals) is an idol unit consisting of three voice actresses: Izumi Fūka (和泉風花, voice of Dhole), Yanagihara Kanako (柳原かなこ, voice of Meerkat) and Haruka Fushimi (伏見はる香, voice of Short-Beaked Common Dolphin) from the Kemono Friends 3.



  • Hanamaru (flower circle) in Hanamaru Animal is a kind of circle that means correct answer in Japan. It is sometimes treated as a superlative mark of praise for children, especially in early childhood and elementary school education in Japan.
  • In Japan, ○ means correct answer and × means incorrect answer, and the two are treated as opposites: maru in Hanamaru Animal means ○ and BATTEN in BATTEN Japari-Dan means ×, so they are made as opposite groups from the beginning.
  • In the introduction at an early event of Hanamaru Animal, it was revealed that Rika Tachibana as Peach Panther would work with Hanamaru Animal as a manager, just like Margay in PPP. However, since Rika Tachibana entered married life, they never actually worked together. This initial conception can be seen in the illustration of Kemono Friends PARTY.