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Character Data
Japanese Name: HAW-206
Romanised Name:  ?
First Featured in: Kemono Friends (2015 Game)
Animal Data
Scientific Name: ?
Distribution: Unknown
Diet: Unknown
Average Lifespan in the Wild: Unknown
Read More: [[1]]
Conservation Status:  ?
HAW-206 Nexon Game

HAW-206 is a type of Friend that appeared in the original Kemono Friends mobile game during the Ghost in the Shell Collaboration.


Images taken from Stand Alone Complex episode two
The HAW-206 has short, straight grayish white hair that turns slightly blue at the tips. It is adorned with various mechanical parts based upon her original appearance. She has three red pinholes inscribed upon her forehead, and she has red irides.

She wears a dress shirt of the same color as her hair, with large buttons on the breast pockets and a tie of the same color. She also has black japanese-style athletic bloomers. Her arms and legs have mechanical features, with her arms being gauntlets and lacking hands entirely - instead, those are replaced by three pronged 'claws', also present in the original Tachikoma. Her legs have mechanical greaves, and are also covered by gray socks. She has black ballerina flats. Like the other robotics units from the Ghost in the Shell series, she has the 'tank' from her original version floating beside her.

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