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This page is about the occupation in the Kemono Friends Kingdom continuity. For Friends in Kemono Friends Kingdom with the Guard role, see Category:Guard Kingdom Friends.

Guards are mighty Friends in Kemono Friends Kingdom who protect Castles alongside their Kings.


Much like Kings, Guards are powerful Friends who use their strength and prowess to defend their fellow Friends and provide guidance and assistance, as well as to prevent intruders from accessing their Castles. They answer to their respective Kings, and may act as advisory counsel, but generally seem to be more comparable to their King's close friends or teammates rather than their underlings or staff.

Known Guards


  • The Guard occupation has no correlation to the Guard role held by numerous Friends in game play; while the former is a specific occupation for strong Friends of any specialisation, the latter is a team role for Friends who specialise in physical brawn and/or solid defense.
    • Accordingly, although Shoebill is the Guard of Jungle Castle, she does not have the Guard role in game play, which is reasonable given her lack of musculature. She is instead a Control Friend, likely for her paralysing gaze and specialty in discouraging attacks before they occur rather than deflecting oncoming blows.
  • Although King Cheetah assists in the defense of Desert Castle, she is not explicitly referred to as a Guard, exempting her from inclusion in the above list. She is instead referred to as King Cobra's disciple.
    • Likewise, King Cobra was not necessarily a former Guard of Desert Castle before becoming its King, as she is referred to as having been the disciple of the Desert Castle's former King.
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