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Greater Lophorina


Friend Data
Actress: Mashiro Yagi
Associated Characters: Western Parotia
Greater Lophorina Season 2 Pavilion KF3 Kingdom Stage Play Gallery

Greater Lophorina appears as a character in the Stage Play "Kemono Friends 2" ~Kemonos of the Snowy Night~.


Friends who love to dance. She is working with Western Parotia.

Role in the Plot

She and Western Parotia are Friends born from the eruption of the Sand Star volcano following the Okapi. They are the Friends introduced by Ezo Red Fox to the Raccoon Dog seeking idle companions. And, they appear as Friends who are good at courtship dances, sought out by Emperor Penguin for Gentoo Penguin. Margay then tried to recruit the girls, but Royal Penguin was furious with Margay.

Stage Play "Kemono Friends" 2 ~Kemonos of the Snowy Night~
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