Great Dusky Swift

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Great Dusky Swift


Character Data
Romaji '
Debut Not Featured Yet
Animal Data
Scientific Name Cypseloides senex
Distribution South America
Diet Insectivore
Avg. Lifespan Unknown
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Conservation Status iucn3.1 LC.svg.png
Great Dusky Swift

The Great Dusky Swift is a type of bird Friend that, despite being mentioned within Kemono Friends material, has never made an official appearance or been given an official design. The Great Dusky Swift is mentioned in Kemono Friends 2 by Campo Flicker.

Series Appearances

Appearances In Kemono Friends Media
Media Role
This Friend has yet to appear in any official media.

In Real Life

The great dusky swift (Cypseloides senex) is a swift species from South America. Adults have a chocolate brown crown and throat with pale gray edges to the feathers, giving a frosted appearance to the face. Their back is a darker brown, their rump a brown intermediate between the head and back, and their tail blackish brown. Their undersides are a paler brown than the back. The upper side of the wing is mostly brown and the underside somewhat lighter. Juveniles are very similar to adults with the addition on pale fringes to the wing feathers. Their habitat are tropical evergreen forest, temperate forest, and second-growth scrublands. The great dusky swift nests in large colonies on a cliff, either beside or behind a waterfall. The nest is made of moss and pebbles cemented with mud.

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