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Gray Wolf

Gray WolfManga.jpg

Friend Data
First Appearance: Chapter 2, Page 9
Featured in Chapter(s): Chapter 2
Occupation: Friend
Gray Wolf Anime Manga Festival Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Gallery

Gray Wolf is a minor Friend that appears in Chapter 2 of the Manga.


Gray Wolf is known to be a very courteous and well-behaved Friend. In her few pages of appearances, she's seen helping out both Nana and Ezo Red Fox with their current problems.

She also seems to exhibit some physical strength as well.

Role in the Plot

Volume 1 Chapter 02

Gray Wolf is introduced while Nana was trying to stop Ezo Red Fox from taking food illegally out of a shop. One of the cabinets that contain Meat Buns goes flying towards Gray Wolf, but she catches it easily.

She checks if both of them are okay, and Nana immediately takes a liking to Gray Wolf's very courteous personality. She then teaches Ezo Red Fox how to purchase items in a shop, who then proceeds to attempt buying all of the food in the store.

Volume 1 Chapter 04

Gray Wolf is seen as a guest in Serval's and Caracal's welcoming party for Nana.


No major relationships known.

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