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Giant Panda

Giant PandaAnimeS2.jpg

Friend Data
Voiced by: Kaori Maeda
First Appearance: Episode 2
Home Area: Unknown
Has Promotional Video: Yes
Giant Panda Anime Season 2 Manga Festival Pavilion Nexon Game

Giant Panda is a Friend that appears in Kemono Friends 2.


Giant Panda is very friendly and helpful, but also lazy. She speaks slowly and her "special skill" is falling asleep anywhere, even in the middle of conversation. When she's angry, like when something she cares about is threatened, she can be very scary. In this mode, she took out an entire Cellien horde.

Role in the Plot

S2E02: Panda and Panda

Giant Panda attempted to give Serval, Caracal and Kyururu directions to the playground, but fell asleep whilst doing so. After she woke up, she found the gang and reassured Red Panda that she was actually helpful in giving Kyururu, Serval, and Caracal directions. When Celliens attacked the playground, she stopped their attack all by herself. When Kyururu, Serval, and Caracal were leaving, she and Red Panda informed them of a group looking for another human and that they might cross paths with the group.


  • Giant Panda's affinity for playing on the tire swing is a reference to real life zoo pandas playing on them.
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