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Character Data
Japanese Name: ガチャピン
Romanised Name: Gachapin
First Featured in: Kemono Friends 3
Collaboration Data
Classification: Character
Original Species: Stegosaur
Read More: Gachapin
Conservation Status: Uma label.png
Gachapin KF3

Gachapin is a collaboration Friend who debuted alongside Mukku in Kemono Friends 3.


Gachapin has light green hair tied back in a darker green braid. She has thick green eyebrows, simple black eyes, and wears an easygoing expression. Atop her head, she has a pair of aviation goggles with a small white protrusion on the nose bridge meant to evoke her costumed counterpart's buck teeth. Her outfit is almost entirely green, save for the pink and yellow stripes found on her scarf, which itself is mostly green; the rest of her clothes consist of a green flight suit, green gloves, and green boots. In contrast to her counterpart's energy balls, her gloves each bear seven large green buttons.

Series Appearances

Appearances In Kemono Friends Media
Media Role

In the Source Material

Gachapin (green) and Mukku (red), from popular Japanese TV show 'Hirake! Ponkikki'

Gachapin is a character originally from popular children's TV show Hirake! Ponkikki (ひらけ!ポンキッキ) who, alongside Mukku, who perform all manner of skits and other physical feats. Gachapin's loves sports and physical activities, and skydiving most of all. Gachapin's forearms and hands are covered with seven energy balls, which are said to be the source of his power and confidence.

Gachapin is based on a stegosaur, which can refer to any member of the extinct suborder Stegosauria, but is best known to refer to the genus Stegosaurus.


Gachapin x Mukku Official Website (Japanese)

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