Four Gods

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A complete illustration by piecing animal photos of the Four Gods and Kirin in Kemono Friends 3 together.

Four Gods are four guardian Friends protecting Japari Park. Each of them represents a cardinal direction and based on Chinese mythology. They are comprised of Byakko for the West, Genbu for the North, Seiryu for the East and Suzaku for the South. The four were first featured in the original Kemono Friends mobile game. They are four of the most powerful Friends in the park. They have the unique ability of transforming themselves into a Cellien-like form that resembles their depictions as deities, to battle opponents, or to test Friends who seek their power. In Kemono Friends 3, their Kemono Miracle attack animations are summoning their own Cellien-like form to attack.

In Kemono Friends 3 main story, it is revealed that Kirin, another guardian Friend featured for the first time, is the chief of the Four Gods. She possesses similar power and abilities as the four guardians.


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