Forest Owlet's Character Quest

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Forest Owlet


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Rock Ptarmigan

Forest Owlet's Character Quest is a quest in the original Kemono Friends mobile game centered around Forest Owlet.


“Today, too, let's nurture Riko's forest, so that Riko can welcome everyone!”
Forest Owlet, in her diary

The story opens with Riko writing in her diary, thinking about how she also wrote in it the last time Serval came over to visit the forest with her friends. After she is finished reminiscing, Mirai and Serval appear for another visit, and she welcomes them. Mirai comments that it must be hard for Riko to manage the forest by herself, which Riko denies, citing that because it is a deciduous tree forest, it has a perfect, self-sustaining ecosystem. Serval becomes confused, not knowing what a deciduous tree forest is. Riko then explains the oak tree to Serval, talking about how it produces acorns that help keep the forest alive during the winter. She begins to explain about even more trees that produce acorns, such as pin oak, daimyo oak, Japanese beech, and the sawtooth oak. She also explains the differences between the trees, such as their shape.

Hearing all of this, Serval praises Riko, likening her to a guide. Riko, however, rejects this notion. The trio then see a Cerulean and defeat it. After the fight, the three see Professor Konoha and her assistant, Mimi-chan. Mimi-chan comments that if they ask, they will receive food, which angers Riko, because not only is she the one bringing them food, this is the second time they have asked her to do so. Before Riko can continue arguing, however, Moose appears, and states that the two wise owls love the forest that she spends so much time caring for, placating her. Moose explains that she has heard that Riko is acting as a guide for the group, and has come to greet and join them. Afterwards, a second Cerulean attacks.

After the Cerulean is defeated, Riko shows the group a field made up of cosmos flowers. She explains that the flowers mean "order", and that she takes special care of the flowers. Just then, a third Cerulean appears, and the group defends the field from the threat. Seeing the kindness of Serval and the others protecting her field from the Cerulean, Riko starts to cry. She tells them that this cosmos field was the first thing she decided to make when she chose to take care of this forest. She also explains that cosmos have another meaning, "maiden love" and "maiden sincerity", and the field symbolizes her devotion to caring for the forest. Riko then thanks Serval and the others for their kindness.


Character English Japanese
〜RIKO'S (FOREST OWLET) DIARY〜 Today, too, let's nurture Riko's forest, so that Riko can welcome everyone! 〜リコ(モリコキンメフクロウ)の日記〜


SCENE: Park Central -
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
With this, all is okay. Come to think of it, didn't Riko write something like this in the past? Ah, if Riko is not mistaken... ... it was when Serval and the others came to play some time ago? Riko misses that day... ... これでよしっ。そういえば前もこんなこと書いたっけ? あれは確か... ... 少し前にサーバル達が遊びに来てくれたときのことだっけ? なつかしいなぁ... ...
FLASHBACK: (Scene change to An'in Region) -
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
Serval-chan, Guide-san! Welcome to the forest where Riko lives! サーバルちゃん、ガイドさん!リコの住んでる森にようこそ!
Hm, the air is clear! It feels good! ん〜、空気が澄んでて気持ちいい!
Riko-san takes care of all the plants in this forest, right? リコさんはこの森で、植物たちのお世話をしてるんですよね?
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
Ehehe, it’s not a big deal. This kind of forest is called a deciduous tree forest, a forest that has a unique full ecosystem cycle! えへへ、たいしたことじゃないよ。この森は落葉樹林といって、生態系のサイクルが完成されている森なの!
A deciduous... ... forest? らくよう... ... じゅりん?
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
Look at this! Look, the leaves fall off, right? If the leaves fall like this during this season, that’s a trait of a deciduous tree forest. これを見て!ほら、葉っぱが落ちてるでしょ。こんな感じである季節になると葉を落とすのが落葉樹林の特徴なの。
Ah, you’re right. The leaves fall onto the ground! This leaf, what kind is it? ほんとだ。地面に葉っぱが落ちてる!これ、なんの葉っぱ?
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
Good question! That’s an oak leaf. Oak trees are famous for producing acorns, and acorns are an important food supply for the forest in the winter. Even though they're all called acorns, many kinds of tree, including pin oaks, daimyo oaks, Japanese beech, and sawtooth oaks, all produce them. Also, depending on the tree, the acorn's traits and shape can also be different. An acorn has a deep meaning in a deciduous tree forest... ...! よく聞いてくれました!それは、ナラの葉なんですよ。ナラの木は、どんぐりをつけることで有名な樹木で、どんぐりは、冬の森での重要な食料源になるの。ひとくちにどんぐりといっても、コナラやカシワ、ブナやクヌギなど、さまざまな樹のものがあるんだよ。それにね、どんぐりは、それぞれの樹によって、微妙に形が違うの。どんぐり一つとっても落葉樹林は奥が深いの... ...!
Uhm, I don’t really understand the difference between acorns, but, Riko knows a lot of things about the forest! You’re like Guide-san, somehow. うーん、私にはどんぐりの違い、よくわからないけど、リコは森のこと、詳しいんだね!なんだかガイドさんみたい。
As I would expect from Riko, to know about the deciduous tree forest in such detail. I mustn't lose this contest of knowledge! さすが、落葉樹林に詳しいリコさんですね。私もうんちくでは負けていられませんね!
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
No, Riko is still learning, too~... ... Hn? Is that!? そんな、リコもまだまだだよ〜。... ... ん?あれは!?
Wah, Celliens have pushed their way through the fallen leaves and come here! わあ、セルリアンが、落ち葉をかきわけてやって来た!
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
Riko will not forgive anyone who disturbs the peace of the forest! Riko will finish all of them! 森の平和を乱すのは許さないの!リコがやっつけてあげるの!
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
Riko will continue to serve as a guide to the forest. Hm? Over there, is that... ... まだまだ、森を案内するね。ん? あそこにいるのは... ...
Northern White-Faced OwlNexonIcon.png
Northern White-Faced Owl
I’m the professor. This forest, one way or another, makes me feel calm. 博士です。この森は、なんだかんだいって落ち着きます。
Eurasian Eagle-OwlNexonIcon.png
Eurasian Eagle-Owl
I’m the assistant. It's good here. The air is refreshing, and food comes out when I ask for it. 助手です。ここはいいです。空気もおいしく、言えば食べ物も出てきます。
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
"Food comes out when I ask for it" isn't true! Riko is giving the food to Mimi-chan and the others because they wanted it, that's how it is! 『言えば食べ物も出てきます』じゃないよー!リコは、ミミちゃん達が食べ物を要求するから、しかたなく食べ物もあげてるの!
Wait, Riko. Everyone in the forest thanks you - including both Professor Konoha and Assistant Mimi, of course. 待って、リコ。リコには、森のみんなが感謝しているんだ。もちろん、コノハ博士やミミ助手もね。
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
Moose-chan is here, too? へ、ヘラジカちゃんもいたの?
Yes. I heard that Riko was giving guidance about the forest to Serval and the others, so I came here to greet them. うん。リコが、サーバルたちに森を案内するという話を聞いたから、挨拶に来たんだよ。
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
Thank you for coming all this way, Moose-chan! Riko also thanks you for always thinking about everyone, as the king of the forest! わざわざありがとう!ヘラジカちゃんこそ、森の王として、いつもみんなのこと考えてくれて感謝してるよ!
Hehe, even Moose, the king of the forest, acknowledges Riko! へえ、森の王であるヘラジカにも、リコは一目置かれてるんだね!
 !  !
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
... ... Oh, while we were talking, the Celliens came again!? Let’s combine our power and defeat them! ... ... と、お話してたら、また、セルリアンが来ちゃった!? 力を合わせてやっつけようー!
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
Come! There’s a place that Riko wants Serval-chan and the others to see! 来て!サーバルちゃんたちに見て欲しかった場所があるの!
Waah! A beautiful cosmos field! わあ!きれいなコスモス畑!
Does Riko take care of this cosmos field, too? このコスモスも、リコさんがお世話しているんですか?
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
Yes. Riko likes the forest, but she also likes flowers. Riko especially likes this cosmos field, a special place. Cosmos is also called by another name, the “autumn cherry blossom”. It’s famous, like the popular cherry blossom viewing in the spring. It’s beautiful and cute, and it’s the flower that represents autumn. Cosmos also means order in another language. Riko pours lots of her love into this flower garden. うん、リコは森も好きだけどお花さんも大好き。特に、このコスモス畑はお気に入りで、特別な場所なの。コスモスは、秋桜っていう別名でも呼ばれててね。お花見で春に人気の桜と同じくらい、きれいでかわいい、秋を代表するお花なんだよ。コスモスという言葉には、『秩序』という意味もあるんだよ。このお花畑にはたっぷり愛情を注いでるの。
Indeed, many kinds of orderly flowers are blooming. たしかに、色とりどりの花々が、整然として咲き誇っていますね。
This one is pink, and this one is white, and this one is red... ... こっちはピンクでしょ、ここは、白、ここは赤... ...
... ...
Huh? That last flower, was there something weird about it? あれ? 今、なんか、変なのあったような?
 !  !
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
C-Celliens have come!? Riko will not let you harm the flowers! せ、セルリアンが来てる!? お花さんたちは、傷つけさせないよ!
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
Serval-chan, all of you, thank you very much for protecting the flowers! サーバルちゃんたち、お花さんたちを守ってくれて、本当にありがとうね!
No need! We must protect the flowers that Riko cares about so deeply! ううん、リコの大事に育てたコスモスだもん。守らないわけにはいかないよ!
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
Serval-chan... ... Riko, is happy... ...! (*sniff*) サーバルちゃん... ... リコ、うれしい... ...!(ぐすっ)
Eh, Riko, are you crying!? え、リコ、泣いちゃった!?
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
It’s okay, because they're tears of joy... ...! Uhm, did you know?... The truth is that this cosmos field is the first flower garden that Riko planted when she came to this forest for the first time. 大丈夫、これはうれし涙、だから... ...!えっと、ね? 実はこのコスモス畑って、リコが初めて、この森に作ったお花畑なんだ。
Is that so? Riko did say that this is a special place, after all. そっか、リコにとって特別な場所だって言ってたもんね。
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
Yes. When Riko came to this forest, Riko worked hard and planted this cosmos field. In flower language, cosmos means “maiden devotion” and “maiden love”. From now on, with devotion and love, Riko wants to take care of this flower garden, and the forest, too. うん。リコは、この森に来たとき、決意を込めて、このコスモス畑を作ったの。コスモスの花言葉には『乙女の真心』『乙女の愛情』って意味もあってね。これからも、真心と愛情を込めて、このお花畑と森をお世話していきたいの。
Riko... ... リコ... ...
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
Today, if Riko was fighting alone against the Celliens, she thinks that she couldn't have protected the forest. So, Riko does not want to forget the feeling of thanks towards Serval-chan and everyone. Riko will make sure to remember what happened today. So, Serval-chan, guide-san, thank you for coming! リコひとりじゃ、今日、セルリアンと戦って、この森を守ることもできなかったと思う。だから、サーバルちゃんや、みんなに感謝の気持ちを忘れないようにしたいの。リコは、今日、改めてそのことを思い出したよ。だから、サーバルちゃん、ガイドさん、来てくれてありがとうなの!
No, it’s me who should thank you! Thanks for showing us the beautiful forest and cosmos field! (*hug*) ううん、こっちここそ!素敵な森やコスモス畑を見せてくれてありがとうーー!(むぎゅっ)
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
Hah!? Serval-chan, Riko is in pain~! はぎゅっ!? サーバルちゃん、くるしいの〜!
Fufu, I'm sure Riko-san's feelings will be conveyed to everyone in the forest, as well. ふふ、リコさんの気持ちは、きっと森の皆さんにも伝わってると思いますよ。
Forest OwletNexonIcon.png
Forest Owlet
Then, Riko feels happy... ... From now on, Riko will do her best to take care of the forest. Riko hopes to have fun with everyone in this forest from now on, too! だとうれしいな... ... リコ、これからも森のお世話を頑張るね。みんなと、これからもこの森で楽しく暮らして行けるように!
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