Fitness Test: Hippopotamus Arc

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「体力測定 カバ編」
March 18th, 2020 (Wednesday) (After maintenance) - March 25th, 2020 (Wednesday) 14:00:00 (JST)


Clear Event Quests to get Fitness Test Results!

Collected "Fitness Test Results" can be exchanged for luxury items at the "Fitness Test Results" exchange shop!

You can exchange your Fitness Test Results for Plains Zebra's Fluffy Pajamas, Stylish Medals, March Shop Coupons, copies of 3☆ photo Lesson! Lesson! and various other items!

New 4☆ Friend Hippopotamus appears in an event rateup gacha, alongside event photos 4☆がぶっとお仕置き and 3☆Lesson! Lesson!. Every 10-roll will also come with a March Physical Strength Measurement SP Ticket and Stylish Medal.

New 4☆ Friends Shiserval Right and Shiserval Lefty appear in 2 limited rateup "Half Anniversary Commemorative Shiserval Step-up" gachas.

Northern White-Faced Owl, Eurasian Eagle-Owl, and Suri Alpaca have had their Fluffy Pajamas added for exchange in the Stylish Medal Shop for a limited time.


「こんにちは、ミライです。今月もやってきましたフレンズさんの体力測定!  今回はカバさん!よろしくお願いしますね。」

Special Effect Friends

Icon chara 0031.png Health Attack Defense
+50% +50% +30%
Icon chara 0222.png Health Attack Defense
+50% +50% +30%
Icon chara 0223.png Health Attack Defense
+50% +50% +30%
Icon chara 0008.png Health Attack Defense
+20% +10% +10%
Icon chara 0011.png Health Attack Defense
+20% +10% +10%
Icon chara 0029.png Health Attack Defense
+10% +10% +10%

Special Effect Photos

Icon photo 5023.png Fitness Test Results
Icon photo 3512.png Fitness Test Results

Promotional Video


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